My name is Michael. I have been using Vibrant Health Products for about a year. I have been generally a healthy person all of my life, having never spent a day in the hospital. Last year I suffered a brain aneurism, which required open brain surgery. After getting back to work 3 months later, I was diagnosed with cancer and I am currently going through treatment. Talk about life changing. I completely changed not only my diet, but also my lifestyle. Vibeant Health has been a huge part of these changes. I use Max Vibrance twice a day mixed with lots of fruits and vegetables. I am also taking Maximized Curcuminoids along with Vitamin D3. I have to dat lost 35 pounds and my cholesterol is down. I ran 5-K the day before my last treatment. I swear by Vibrant Health products. My doctor approved of the products I am taking along with my clean eating and exercise. Thank you to Vibrant Health and their incredible products. 


Michael D

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