A Chiropractor’s Tale of Green Vibrance

by Robin Segedin, Doctorate of Chiropractic Student

Discovering Green Vibrance marked the culmination of my decade-long journey for the search of optimum natural health. About ten years ago, while burdened with health issues of my own, I quickly recognized that it is only when the body is in perfect health—that the mind can truly be happy. It took some time, but eventually I realized I could be in control of my own health by simply adjusting my diet. Not only did I reverse all symptoms of my autoimmune disease, but I also stopped taking my morning dose of a half-dozen prescribed medications. Soon enough I decided I was destined to become a chiropractor and dedicate the rest of my life to help others achieve natural health and wellness. My experiences have led me into my last year of professional school, where the remainder of our education is spent treating actual patients.


I think it is no coincidence that I found Green Vibrance just before my transition from “textbook” classroom lectures, to a real-life clinical setting. Rather, I believe it was divine intervention and it’s my duty to spread the word about Green Vibrance to every one of my patients. Through personal testimony and experience, alongside my knowledge and education, I can confidently endorse Green Vibrance with much enthusiasm. I believe it can be beneficial for everybody and satisfy all possible health needs. Green Vibrance is not only advantageous in disease-reversal, but also in maintenance of general wellness, health enhancement in an athlete, or even just a simple detox. Every personal health goal is specifically addressed and catered to.

While it does feel rewarding to hear positive feedback from patients who achieved success with Green Vibrance supplementation; I can’t help to admit that I feel especially fulfilled when I hear a good report from those particular patients suffering with an autoimmune disease or chronic illness. Perhaps because of my own personal experience, but understanding the cause of a self-perpetuating autoimmune reaction makes perfect sense when applying it to the one thing we purposely put into ourselves: our food. Not only can our diet harm us, but it can also help us—and that’s where Green Vibrance becomes a staple, especially in a nutrient deficient diet.

The mechanism of how Green Vibrance can help is best explained by first understanding the biochemistry behind the way our bodies digest and process food. Essentially, the human metabolism is formed by multiple, complex pathways and begins once a person eats. Digestion involves incrementally breaking down the original meal: the molecular structure of food begins as large and complex, but will eventually transform into the smallest molecular breakdown product. Only then, is it capable for absorption and used as fuel for the body. Each macronutrient (protein, carbohydrate, or fat) follows a separate and distinct pathway—also requiring separate and distinct natural metabolic-enzymes to catalyze each reaction.

It is important to recognize that these pathways are completely predictable and have been researched extensively; however, many of our meals are not just simply a protein, carb, or fat. What happens to our bodies when it is demanded to metabolize a preservative is still left uncertain. There is no metabolic pathway designated for the digestion of any artificial molecular substance; indeed, it appears that preservatives are therefore unrecognizable, or foreign to the human body. It is only natural that our immune systems become reactive when forced to encounter an “invader.” Quickly, the body becomes immunocompromised; eventually, chronic exposure leads to disease and inflammation.

Green Vibrance becomes essential in correcting autoimmune diseases, especially in those particular chronic illnesses still lacking in scientific evidence as to what exactly is the cause (i.e. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Depression, etc.) Currently, studies are strongly suggesting that nutrient-deficiencies may play the largest role in some of the most common chronic illnesses. And while this may have Fibromyalgia-sufferers rushing to the drugstore after discovering their illness is caused by a Magnesium-deficiency–this eventually will pose another two-fold problem. First, all nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, must exist in a specific ratio. If there is an excess or deficiency in any nutrient it will hinder the absorption of other nutrients. Secondly, purchasing the correct form of a supplement is always a challenge; not to mention the addition of harmful fillers to most popular commercially manufactured vitamins.

I have found that only Green Vibrance can satisfy the nutrient-correction needs of my patients, especially in patients with chronic illness or autoimmune disease. It’s important that I educate my patients on the significance of diet, while stressing the benefits of Green Vibrance supplementation as they reverse the ratio of nutrient-poor to nutrient-rich food intake. Not only does Green Vibrance offer bioavailability of all nutrients in perfect ratio, it is also digested by the most bio-efficient mechanism we have—simply because it’s a non-processed food source.

Certainly Green Vibrance has much more to offer; and as I gain more clinical experience, I can’t help but to see a greater need for me to spread the word. There really is a way to get well…and get happy.

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