A letter to Mark Timon

Dear Mr. Timon:

Many, Many years ago as a completive body builder and now late 40 something, staying active and healthy was and remains very important to me and now my wife and children also. Unfortunately, it has always seemed that when a proven product came onto the scene, it didn’t stay around long. Recently, I discovered your products and could not be more pleased with them, particularly Green Vibrance. This product is absolutely amazing and everything that we look for and MORE!!!  My point here is 1 – to give testimony and praise but also to beg you never to stop producing these products. Should you remotely find yourself considering doing away with your product line, please contact me as I would sincerely consider buying the rights to them. That is how very strong I feel about your products. Kudos to you and your staff. Please feel free to use this for the promotion and continued growth of your products.

Best Wishes,

PS: I am a firm believer in natural health remedies as I have lived and witnessed what the medical industry does not want us to know. In 1986 my grandmother was diagnose with severe multiple myeloma and was given at best 6 months to live. I am proud to say that 27 years later and now 87 years old she is still with us. See back in 1986, my grandfather refused to lose her; he researched and discovered Pau d’ Arco aka Lapacho and the rest is history. Her doctors refused to acknowledge the Pau D’ Arco and simply say that her recovery was a modern miracle.

Best wishes and thank you for your products.


Mike Orlando

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