Anti-Inflammatory Zinger–Muy Picante!


Do you get headaches? Is it a migraine, a tension headache, a sinus or a cluster headache? I could get another headache just trying to pinpoint what type of headache I actually have, what caused it (weather? genetics? diet?), and how to avoid them in the future. All I know is sometimes my head hurts and sometimes it just feels a little foggy. With the hesitant summer we are having on the East coast, the pressure is all over the place causing joint pain and other aches. So whether you get bad headaches or you would just like to drink something that rocks for brain function, circulation, and the fight against inflammation, then this is the drink for you. This drink packs a little (or a lot if you so desire) spice, so you can feel like you are having a fiesta while you’re taking care of your body.


1 serving Green Vibrance®

1/8 tsp. (or to taste) Cayenne pepper

1 cup brewed Gingko tea or any detox tea

1/2 cup spinach

1 banana

1/2 cup sliced cucumber

1/4 tsp. (or to taste) fresh ginger

Optional antioxidant bonus: 1 Maximized Curcuminoid Tablet

Directions: In an electric blender, combine all ingredients until smooth, serve immediately.

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