PB Green Smoothie

PB Green Smoothie


1 banana

1 cup almond milk

1 scoop Green Vibrance

2 tablespoons peanut butter

2 dates, pitted

¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon

Directions: Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender and blend until smoothe. 



Greeña Colada

Greeña Colada (serves 2-3)


1/2 cup coconut milk

1 frozen bananas

1 cup pineapple chunks

1 scoop Green Vibrance

Handful of ice

Directions: Add all ingredients to a high speed blender and blend until smoothe. Pour and enjoy! 


Breakfast Boost

Breakfast Boost



1/2 pear

1 scoop Green Vibrance

1/2 avocado

1 Tbsp chia seeds

1/4 cup low-fat granola

2/3 cup almond milk


1. Blend all ingredients except for the low-fat granola into a high speed blender. Blend until smoothe, then transfer to a bowl. Top with granola and enjoy! 

Green Superfood Face Mask

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t just involve what you put in your body, but also what you put ON it. Our Green Vibrance superfood powder is our number one selling product here at Vibrant Health. Filled with essential beautifying ingredients, such as spirulina, chlorella, beet juice, spinach, green tea extract, plus SO much more! This amazing product will not only benefit you internally, but externally as well. Try our homemade superfood face mask to help you look and feel beautiful, from the inside out. 


  • 1 tsp Green Vibrance
  • 1/2 tsp organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil
  • 1/2-1 tsp water


  1. Mix all ingredients in a small bowl until desired consistency.
  2. Apply to a freshly cleansed face
  3. Leave it on until it completely dries.
  4. Wash off with warm water and follow up your favorite moisturizer. 




The Green Monster

Revitalize with this Green Monster Smoothie! 

The Green Monster


  • 1 Cup Almond/Coconut Milk

  • 2 Scoops of Green Vibrance

  • 1/2 Cup Pineapple (Canned or fresh)

  • 1/4 Cup Spinach (Fresh or Frozen)

  • 1/2 Avocado

  • 1/2 Orange

  • 8 Ice Cubes


1. Add all ingredients to a high speed blender and blend until smoothe. Enjoy! 

Spring Cleansing Smoothie Bowl

Spring Cleansing Smoothie Bowl #cleanse #smoothiebowl #smoothie #recipe #stayvibrant

Spring Cleansing Smoothie Bowl #cleanse #smoothiebowl #smoothie #recipe #stayvibrant

Spring is around the corner and it’s time to start cleansing! “Spring cleansing means detoxifying your body,” says Dr. Linda Page, naturopathic doctor and author of the book, Detoxification. The human body releases toxins during the detoxification process also abbreviated as detox. "Anybody can benefit from a cleansing. The body is coming out of what might be called hibernation,” says Dr. Page. During the winter months our bodies can be subject to stress such as weight gain from moving around less, eating unhealthy treats during holidays, and seeping more. Viruses like the cold or flu and the antibiotics that help fight them can also add toxins. Plus, not breathing as much fresh air because we’re inside more often also adds to a much needed cleansing period. Dr. Page suggests, “It's a way to recharge, rejuvenate, and renew.”

After reading Dr. Page’s work, I created an easy and delicious smoothie bowl that will aid my body in cleansing the unwanted winter buildup. Liver health is crucial for allowing  the human body to cleanse itself naturally. So, I started with coconut milk because it’s anti-inflammatory. Dairy, on the other hand, causes inflammation and would not aid in detoxification. Next, I chose blueberries because of the high concentration of antioxidants that help the liver detoxify. Lemon is also a vital asset in aiding the liver and gallbladder by reducing harmful bacteria. “Additionally, lemon helps the liver produce the necessary enzymes to maintain an alkaline condition in the body,” says Dr. Edward Group.

Vibrant Health’s Green Vibrance is also an essential ingredient for cleansing and maintaining our internal digestive system. Green Vibrance is a dynamic formula that has 25 billion probiotics and concentrated nutrition. I decided to not add a green vegetable to this smoothie because Green Vibrance already has that covered with 4 servings of fruits and vegetables. Plus, Green Vibrance supports the liver with beets, broccoli, green beans, zucchini, parsley, spinach, and so many more organic whole food ingredients. Green Vibrance already has spirulina, flax seed, and goji berry but, for the sake of this being a super cleansing smoothie I added more of those ingredients to make this smoothie bowl unmatched.

Spirulina is an amazing blue-green algae, that’s why it’s in Green Vibrance. Spirulina contains chlorophyll which is used for detoxification. It helps remove toxins, pollutants, and heavy metals from the blood.  Flax seeds are golden and are best absorbed when they are ground or milled. Like chia seeds, flax seeds have soluble fiber and get the digestive tract cleansed. Last, but not least, my favorite little berry, goji. I love goji berries because they are the highest known source of antioxidants. They support the liver and kidneys which are essential for detox. Goji berries are so strong they’re technically classified as a medicinal herb and if you are taking medication for diabetes, blood pressure, or any blood thinning medication you should always check with your doctor before consuming goji berries. Goji berries make a great topping for smoothie bowls.

All the ingredients in this smoothie are optional and please always use your own discretion on what to eat. The best part about making your own food is you’re the chef and you have complete control. Always keep in mind, “A spring cleanse is actually a very light diet. It focuses on digestion, elimination of accumulated wastes, and improving body functions,” says Dr. Page. This smoothie bowl is a light meal that you can enjoy for a cleanse or a clean meal to give your body a rest from heavier winter food.

Spring Cleanse ingredients

Spring Cleansing Smoothie Bowl


1 cup Organic Coconut Milk

2 cups Organic Frozen Blueberries

1/2 Organic Lemon

1 scoop Vibrant Health Green Vibrance Powder

1 tsp Organic Spirulina Powder


1 tbsp Organic Chia Seed

2 tbsp Organic Milled Flax Seed

1 tbsp Organic Goji Berries


Start with squeezing half a lemon into a cup and removing all seeds from cup. Then, add this cup of squeezed lemon juice to blender. Now, add coconut milk and frozen blueberries to blender. Put blender top on and blend on medium speed or speed 7 if using a Vitamix. When the smoothie is blended well, pour into a bowl. TIP* If you would like to use the remaining smoothie left behind after you pour, add 1/2 cup of coconut milk to the blender. Put lid on and blend on medium speed again. Blend until the coconut milk and remaining smoothie are mixed together. Pour the smoothie mixture into the smoothie bowl and mix. Now, mix the 1 scoop of Green Vibrance Powder and the spirulina into smoothie bowl. These powders will mix in easily with a kitchen spoon. Next, add the toppings you choose to use and enjoy your smoothie bowl! 

About the Author:
Andrea creates vegan superfood recipes inspired by nature and posted on her blog Superchargedsmoothies.com. 
She loves wildlife and spends her leisure time outside hiking and camping. She enjoys being a yogi, growing organic produce, and is passionate about eating and living a healthy lifestyle. 
Andrea is in love with Vibrant Health's Green Vibrance. She uses it in her vegan superfood smoothies because it has the daily greens needed for optimum health. 

There’s something tall, dark and leafy in your future….

There’s something tall, dark and leafy in your future…. #nutrition #greens #health #stayvibrant

There’s something tall, dark and leafy in your future…. #nutrition #greens #health #stayvibrantPeople have been eating dark leafy greens since prehistoric times. But according to the United States Department of Agriculture Research Service, it wasn't until the early 1600s when the first Africans arrived as slaves in North America, that Americans got their first real taste of dark green leafy vegetables. Now, cooked greens have been established into a traditional African American food. As they became essential in Southern regional diets they gradually spread in popularity and are now enjoyed nationwide. The most popular are spinach, kale, collards, mustard greens, parsley, arugula, beet greens, turnip greens and chard.

With Americans ever-widening waist bands being a major health concern, it’s important to note that dark green leafy vegetables boast a low calorie, sodium, cholesterol and carbohydrate content; as well as a low glycemic index (the measurement of how a carbohydrate-containing food raises blood-sugar levels). These five features automatically make them an ideal food to help you achieve a healthy body weight. But Wait! There’s more! Adding those dark green leafy vegetables to a balanced diet will also increase your intake of natural dietary fiber which helps to regulate your digestive system and aids for optimal bowel health (and, again weight management). All of these properties in green leafy veggies are particularly advantageous for those with type-2 Diabetes.

It goes without saying that these dark green leafy beauties are great sources of nutrition. They are a rich source of carotenoids (the antioxidants that protect your cells and have been proven to play roles in blocking the early stages of cancer).  When it comes to vitamins they are just incredible ~ especially raw! Spinach, Kale and many lettuces are rich in Vitamins A, C, E and K, while Broccoli, Bok Choy and Mustard are also rich in many important B-Vitamins. In fact, dark leafy greens give you a significant amount of folate. This is a very specific B vitamin proven to promote heart health; help prevent certain birth defects; and is necessary for DNA duplication and repair which further protects you against the development of cancer. The Vitamin K content found in dark green leafy vegetables gives you several amazing health benefits including: protecting your bones from osteoporosis and helping to prevent inflammatory diseases.  These veggies also contain high levels of important minerals like iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Best Health,

~Jeanne Ricks, CHC

About the author: Jeanne Ricks is a Holistic Health Coach & Clinical Hypnotist who provides personal diet, wellness & nutrition coaching combined with Hypnosis to help you achieve your personal best. www.NuDay.org

Surviving the Holidays!

Surviving the Holidays! #holidaytips #stayvibrant #stress #nutrition #health

Who is excited for the Holiday Season? Twinkle lights, scarfs, yummy food, family, laughter, and so much more to enjoy! Even though this is a wonderful time of the year, providing excuses to come around with family and friends, sometimes the holidays can be slightly stressful! Especially if you are traveling from your home to visit relatives or friends, getting out of a healthy lifestyle rhythm can happen in the blink of an eye!Surviving the Holidays! #holidaytips #stayvibrant #stress #nutrition #healthI always seem to get into a good groove of eating and exercise and then my life brings me to traveling or something else and I fall out of my groove! Over the course of time, I have found some easy ways to stay healthy and feeling Vibrant, even while leaving my daily routine! Here is my survival guide to all things holiday! From stress, to heavier than normal foods, relatives, and beating that pesky cold that is always trying to creep into our bodies this time of year!

First and Foremost, always remember to MOVE YOUR BODY! Its going to be different for everyone, but if you like walking, pack your tennis shoes and try to go out for a 20 minute walk before festivities begin! Maybe you’re into weight-lifting and you can’t find a gym. I know that problem all too well and the solution is to buy some exercise resistance bands and bring those with you! You can do some quick 20-30 minute workouts in your bedroom that will keep you feeling fit while on vacation! So you get the idea, just don’t forget to move your body, especially after a big meal like thanksgiving. Try to resist the “Turkey Coma” and go for a nice walk with your family after eating, it helps the metabolism mobilize to digest those foods and they will make you feel better I promise.

Now time to tackle the problem of Holiday stress! Everyone has that relative that can grind their gears, or planning a meal for 20 people can definitely be overwhelming. So one of the best ways to combat stress is to make sure that you always ask for help, delegate tasks and BREATHE. Yoga Practitioner or not, taking deep breaths helps to relax the nervous system and calm the mind. If you find that your buttons are being pushed or that you ran out of milk you needed for the next casserole, just sit down and breath for 5 minutes with your eyes closed. I promise it helps. The absolute worst thing that could happen is to be overly stressed during the holidays and with the shift in weather, you end up with a cold!

Breath and calmness will help the mind, but then your best defense for your body will be your nutrition! Make sure you get lots of green veggies and vitamin C. Every single morning; I have my Green Vibrance and also a glass of warm water with Fresh Lemon juice. I have this EVERY day, no exceptions. Keeping up healthy levels of Vitamin C and the nutrients that come in green vegetables and Green Vibrance help to keep your immune system strong and in check. I like to look at it like Insurance. I make sure I do both the above and it’s my insurance to keep my body from getting sick even when under stress, traveling, abnormal eating and everything else that comes with the Holidays! So my best wishes to you this Holiday season! Be Merry and Always Be Vibrant!

About Rachel Priest: After growing up in Knoxville, TN, Rachel moved many times with her family and then continued to travel the world globally through the years. After struggling with an 8 year long battle with eating disorders, Rachel Finally found her freedom and self acceptance and love through the practice of yoga and rock climbing. Rachel promotes self-love and acceptance to all students, especially those who struggle with creating a positive self-image for themselves and their life. Rachel believes that through loving your body and the world, we can all create a positive and fulfilling life with the understanding that we are all already a perfect being.

Rachel currently lives in Los Angeles and teaches at various gyms and studios in the area, promoting the idea of self love and acceptance. Beyond Teaching, Rachel is a beach bum at heart and loves the waves and ocean and soaking up the sun. www.rachelpriest.com

Easy Brunch Gut Healing Smoothie

Easy Brunch Gut Healing Smoothie #recipe #smoothie #yum

 Easy Brunch Gut Healing Smoothie #recipe #smoothie #yum

Ease your tummy woes with a gut healing smoothie that is easy to digest and will provide relief. Smoothies are easy to digest because the ingredients are blended and doesn't cause stress on your stomach. Plus, your body absorbs more nutrients because the ingredients are easily digestible.

When experiencing indigestion, stomach aches, bloating, and flatulence stay away from indigestible carbohydrates to alleviate the discomfort. These include: corn, noodles, potatoes, artichokes, onions, pears, wheat, asparagus, beans, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, whole grains, diary, candies, and drinks with sweeteners. Many of the foods listed have nutritional benefits but, when your gut needs repair they may do more harm than good.

Always use a nondairy milk to reduce inflammation in your gut. Coconut milk is non-inflaming and tastes delicious. It's always important to include nine servings of fruits and vegetables in your diet everyday so your body has the building blocks to repair and heal your body. Green Vibrance has four and one half servings plus the added kale and strawberries equal to the total nine servings you need for the entire day. This allows your body to absorb the nutrients and you can sip on green tea and lemon water until your stomach feels better. Heavy meals like chicken and pasta taste great but when you're hurting it only delays recovery.

Speed recovery with ginger, the brown root of the tropical ginger plant, which has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years for the treatment of indigestion. Ginger also alleviates nausea, flatulence, and motion sickness.

Probiotics are also important for gut health because it provides the good bacteria it needs to heal. Vibrant Health's Green Vibrance has 25 billion live bacteria to ensure that your body has what it needs to replenish and maintain the good bacteria within your gut.

Now, let's blend up this smoothie!

Easy Brunch Gut Healing Smoothie #recipe #smoothie #yum


1/2 Cup Coconut Milk

2 Cups Fresh Kale

2 1/2 Cups Frozen Strawberries

1/2 inch piece of Ginger

1 Scoop Green Vibrance

EQUIPMENT: Blender, Knife and Spoon

DIRECTIONS: First prepare your ginger. Start with the piece of ginger and cut off 1/2 an inch. Use a spoon's edge to scrap off the ginger's skin. The spoon glides down the piece of ginger, stripping the skin off the ginger. Then add the peeled ginger to the blender with the 1/2 cup of coconut milk and 2 cups of kale. Blend on high until smooth. Add the 2 cups of frozen strawberries and blend on high until smooth. Lastly add the scoop of Green Vibrance to the blender and blend on high until distributed evenly. Pour smoothie into container. *Tip* If you would like to use the remaining smoothie stuck to the bottom and sides, pour another 1/2 cup of coconut milk into blender and blend on high. Pour remaining smoothie into your container, mix, and enjoy!

Sources for this article:

  1. Consumer Reports Guide to Better Health
  2. Vitamins and Monerals Handbook by Amanda Ursell


Andrea Uhl

For more of my recipes visit SuperchargedSmoothies.com

About the Author:
Andrea creates vegan superfood recipes inspired by nature and posted on her blog Superchargedsmoothies.com. 
She loves wildlife and spends her leisure time outside hiking and camping. She enjoys being a yogi, growing organic produce, and is passionate about eating and living a healthy lifestyle. 
Andrea is in love with Vibrant Health's Green Vibrance. She uses it in her vegan superfood smoothies because it has the daily greens needed for optimum health.