Day 14

So as I menetioned in earlier posts, since I began my cleanse on a Sunday at 9PM I actually ended my cleanse yesterday at 9PM. Today I begin easing off the cleanse. My kids had off from school today so I made them some Goulash. If you're not familiar, it's a meat-based stew with noodles and vegetables. It smelled amazing. I stuck to some vegetable broth and Maximum Vibrance. In the afternoon/evening I made a fresh juice with kale, beets, carrots, celery, and cucumber. I made enough to drink for a late lunch and dinner. I also had some warm vegetable broth. The broth is so soothing and I swear, the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. The juice too. That's the great thing about the cleanse, it truly makes you value what you consume so much more. So often we shove a meal down our throats in the short time we have to eat, but after you cleanse…the idea of that seems very unappealing. I drank my fluids slowly, savoring each mouthful. I feel satiated and can feel my body begin to warm up more. I will continue drinking juices and broth, supplementing with Green Vibrance, Field of Greens, and Maximum Vibrance until day 3 post cleanse when I can have whole fruits and vegetables. 

If you need help easing off the cleanse consult the directions on your canister of Vibrant Cleanse or check our website here.

Thank you for following my cleansing journey. Did you have a happy cleanse?

- Paige 

Day 13

Tonight at 9PM marks the end of my cleanse. Tomorrow I will wake up and begin drinking fresh juices and vegetable broth. I can smell them already. I had a very good weekend with my family. Just relaxing and being together. The weather wasn't great, but sometimes that brings us all closer together. I cut myself some slack and took a break from exercise today. It's Sunday and I just want to lounge a little. I think I deserve it. Scratch that, I know I deserve it. I've been asked what changes I plan to make to my diet after this cleanse. Basically, I just want to eat cleaner. Incorportating more raw foods and focusing on organic and local whenever possible. I also plan to minimize my grain intake. Who knows maybe cut it out entirely, but I haven't decided on that part yet. 

What changes will you make to your diet after your Vibrant Cleanse?

- Paige 

Day 12

What can I say? It's been hard to figure out what I want to write because honestly, once I got past the hump in the beginning the cleanse wasn't that hard. Yes, I was a bit crankier than usual but I was (am) insanely busy at work. I make food for my kids, go to parties, behave normally and I am okay. Sure, I want to eat but I know that is an emotional response and that I don't actually need to. I am getting the nutrients I need in my cleanse and allowing my digestion to take a break. Make sure fellow cleansers, that when you break your cleanse you ease off properly. I can not stress this enough. I will discuss this more when I begin to ease off on Day 14, but just keep that in the back of your mind: if you want to keep the weight off, ease off.


2 more days – not even. I began my cleanse on January 5th at 9PM and I will end it on January 19th at 9PM. So my Day 14 blog will focus on easing off the cleanse.

Happy Cleansing!

- Paige

Day 11

Sorry for the delay in posting my updates. I can't explain to you what it takes to sit down and type out this stuff amid my day. Phew! It's a countdown to the finish ladies and gentlemen and I will proudly walk across that finish line. Life has still been hectic and busy, especially as Ted and I prepare to go to Dubai for an important trade show. I love the food there, not that I want to think about that yet. I don't feel exhausted, despite it all, and I have been exercising every morning. 1-3 miles on the elliptical and some squats (who doesn't love squats?!). On the days I feel more tired, I do less.  Exercise is great because it helps to keep me warm, which can be a little difficult during a cleanse.

Despite my self-induced punishment of watching everyone eat, drink, and be merry last night, I feel at peace today. My skin is starting to really show a difference; it's clear and my eyes seem brighter. I'm really a bit anxious for the cleanse to be over so I can begin re-shaping my whole diet to keep me off of thyroid medication. Just being able to eat will be nice too ;)

- Paige  

Day 10

Day 10. Last day of calls. I'm a glutton for punishment. Went out to meet some friends for a drink after work. No wine for me; just a glass of water with lemon. Kind of felt like I was a recovering alcoholic. So this is how it feels when everyone is eating and drinking and having a swell time around you. My husband ordered some fish tacos and a great salad with organic greens, Jicama (my favorite), and crumbled blue cheese. My friend Rich had, I don't know what, because I was trying to block out the food. The waitress walked by with truffle fries a few times and I swear I could taste the truffle oil in my mouth. After about two hours of chatting and laughing, I said enough of this happy stuff. I've got to get the HELL out of here. I drove home wishing it was Day 14 already. But my friends and husband tell me just how amazed they are at my determination and that makes me feel strong and capable of going the distance. I will do this and I am almost done.

Feeling like a 10 on Day 10 of #vibrantcleanse. Close to the finish line, let's do this!Feeling like a 10 on day 10!

- Paige

Day 9

Ugh! No more sales calls, please! Cleansing isn't easy but it's worth it. Paige Parker Day 9 of her #vibrantcleanse

UGH! I have been on sales calls for days. No, literally, DAYS! I come home and I am so…done. Ted was begging me last night, "Please, please just eat something you're miserable." Poor guy, I'm really working out his patience. I know the stresses and long days of work are harder when cleansing, but this doesn't make me want to stop; it makes me want to persevere. Cleansing is on my terms, in my control, and that makes it special.

Everytime I cleanse I feel like I become a stronger person by proving and assuring myself that I can set and keep limits. It's a good practice for everyday life, to keep yourself in check emotionally, physically, and know you are your own boss no matter what.

So, if you're cleansing and working hard, and you feel like you could lash out at the next person who talks to you, that's normal. But, you should probably just sip on your cleanse, breathe, and remind yourself why you're doing this instead.

day 9

- Paige