Green Vibrance Testimonial

My name is Diana. I would like to inform you of the results of me taking Green Vibrance.

I would firstly like to commend Heidi Mondon for her assistance. While visiting the Vitamin Shoppe she had a display at the entrance. Normally, I  do not even try these types of products because I know I would not be able to even taste the products. She convinced me to try a small sample. I did and have not missed a day of taking your product since (days before Thanksgiving 2015).

I have multiple sclerosis and unfortunately, I do not even come close to eating healthy. I am thankful to God for this product. I will be honest, the price is pretty steep esp now since I have been unemployed since June 2015 but I always try to make sure I put aside to purchase your great product.

Green Vibrance

Use started with the 3 small daily packs just over a year ago. Was immediately impressed with how quickly the product dissolved and also very palatable in water. So convenience and taste, or lack thereof, was tops. Graduated to the larger container about 2 months later, and have since taken my purchases to the largest container offered. I do keep it in the freezer.

I have taken a variety of nutritional supplements for years, and also been aware of the benefits of green drinks but never added one to my daily routine. 
With a variety of choices at my local health food store, I chose Green Vibrance because of a familiar face on the label. Mr. Mark Timon. I met Mark many years ago having worked in a sales capacity for various supplement manufactures that took me to many trade shows and meetings over the years. Mr. Timon was always a trusted name in the industry, well respected, and many knew that he would have a grand future in what was then a budding industry.
The other thing that attracted me to the product on the shelf, was the packaging. The print, though substantial, was easy to read. Wordy, but important when one is choosing a greens product.
Almost immediately after starting the product I experienced the following:
*A huge increase in cognitive clarity
*Elevated physical energy
*A lift in mental awareness 
*An alleviated cheeriness and feeling of well being
*A significant drop in desire for carbs
*A clear, crisp attitude

A few months before using Green Vibrance I had enrolled in a weight reduction program. And although I felt genuinely better in every way, I wanted to determine was it Green Vibrance or my renewed eating program that was making the difference in my mental attitude and carb addiction.  I stopped taking greens but stayed true to my eating program for 10 days. During that time I still felt physically clean but all of benefits listed above disappeared, returning only when the greens were reintroduced to my daily regimen. Life was once again back in high definition so to speak. 

I am 68 years old. I take only one medication and an aspirin. My health is good for my age. I have never smoked, and have the occasional beer, just not a fan of alcohol. My diet dwindled for a number of years and I did have carotid surgery three years ago. Doc said it was a build up of a high fat diet and little exercise.  I get annual physicals and take regular exercise. Walking and  gardening are favs. 

Wishing you all continued success.
Kindest regards,
Sandra & Steve

“I felt I had energy…” Green Vibrance & Rainbow Vibrance

My friend Heidi told me she was going to start promoting Green Vibrance. I had absolutely no clue what that was so I asked her. She told me how it was helping her with her health issues, so I told her I had no energy and just felt run down. She recommended Green Vibrance and Rainbow Vibrance. I have to tell you, when I drank them, after a while, I felt real good! I felt I had energy and also was regular, if you know what I mean!!! I've been using Green Vibrance on and off and I could definitely feel the difference when I don't use these products.  This is an awesome product!!


“I don’t eat enough greens…”

I am a terrible eater when it comes to eating vegetables and salads. I don't eat enough greens. I wanted to have something that provided me with all the nutrients I needed to stay healthy. I'm usually skeptical about these so called super foods. There are so many out there and they all make outlandish promises. At the recommendation of a good friend I tried Green Vibrance. I read the label and did some research on the product. Sounded like what I needed. But was it promising too much? At that time I was experiencing leg burning sensation in my leg. It was mild at first but got progressively worse. Well before I would go to the doctor I read of some of the causes of this condition. Poor circulation, injury from exercising, and serious diseases. Well before I diagnosed myself with a serious disease I felt it could be a circulation issue. I have had problems in the past with circulation, numbness, foot cramps. One of the benefits of Green Vibrance is that it improves circulation. I was taking it for about 3 days when I noticed the leg burning sensation was decreasing each day. After 5 days the sensation was completely gone. Could it have been a coincidence? I stopped taking Green Vibrance for 3 days to be sure. The leg burning sensation came back. Not as bad but it did return. I went back to taking Green Vibrance every day and I can honestly say no more circulation issues. It worked.  No more cramps in my leg and foot. Exercising now too as that is important as well as maintaining a healthy diet. I  have also noticed a boost in energy after taking it for 30 days. Green Vibrance is a great product and I highly recommended it to anyone who doesn't eat their veggies normally.


“I thought I was happy with my other vegan drinks, but Vibrant Health is better.”

Dear Vibrant Health,

I thought I was happy with my other vegan drinks, but Vibrant Health is better. I take the Vibrant Health products every single day and buy them for my family and friends. I no longer crave sugar, and I do feel more energetic, as if I am getting enough iron. I usually walk 4-6 miles per day here in NYC, and I feel great! I love your Green Vibrance with the 25 billion probiotics—it is the best probiotic I have ever tried by far and really works. To tell you the truth, I bought one sample, tried it, and I have never missed a night having it since. I also love your protein drinks, and I just cannot say enough good things about this company. I went to Vitamin Shoppe to buy more, and a crowd gathered around as I was bragging on your company and why it is better than all the others!

Your customer for life,

Dwayna Litz

“Green Vibrance changed my life…”

I am a United States Army Airborne Ranger. Before I decided to serve my country, I was a college athlete and then a college strength coach. I used to believe that big muscle supplements were the answer to performance. However, I always felt my diet was lacking. Fast forward three years to my preparation for Ranger School when I found Green Vibrance. Injuries from college healed and I became less tired during the day as I supplemented Green Vibrance into my diet and cut out  the fluff.
I can say in full confidence that Green Vibrance changed my life. I perform better a Ranger, and am much healthier. I have replaced all big muscle supplements with GV and have never felt better. I believe in it so much, I recommend it to all my Soldiers. I cannot express enough how important this is in my diet and how much better I feel when taking it. Thank you, Vibrant Health. Keep up the good work! 


LT Nick
Platoon Leader
US Army



Green Vibrance Testimonial

Hi. I've been using your Green Vibrance for about seven years now, along with my usual diet plan, but a couple of days ago I decided to try the new Maximum Vibrance. I just want to publicly say thank you for once again bringing us the best supplements on the planet: THANK YOU!!! My body cries out for your nourishment!!! Every time I need to step back from all the junk food and get my mind and body right, your products come through strong and the message I get is clear!


– Testimonial thanks to Shawn LeBlanc – FB super fan

What’s in Ashanti’s Makeup Bag?

" It’s called Green Vibrance and it’s a bunch of wheat grass, frozen broccoli, kale, everything grinded up. You put it in a shake or juice and it gives you your greens for the day" - Ashanti #vibranttestimonial

" It’s called Green Vibrance and it’s a bunch of wheat grass, frozen broccoli, kale, everything grinded up. You put it in a shake or juice and it gives you your greens for the day" - Ashanti #vibranttestimonial

"My new thing that I’ve been on tastes gross but if you put it in juice it tastes good. It’s called Green Vibrance and it’s a bunch of wheat grass, frozen broccoli, kale, everything grinded up. You put it in a shake or juice and it gives you your greens for the day." – Ashanti