Max Mocha

For a healthy twist to your morning brew, this decadent breakfast smoothie will really get you going. The added protein, antioxidants and multi-vitamins will help keep you going all day long!


1/2 avocado

1/2 banana

2/3 cup almond milk

1/2 cup strong coffee, chilled

1 tbsp cocoa powder

3 dates

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 scoop Maximum Vibrance, Chocolate

Directions: 1. Blend all ingredients until smooth.


Almond-Chocolate Joy Smoothie

Almond-Chocolate Joy Smoothie

Chocolate coconut smoothie milkshake blended with cacau, coconut

Almond, chocolate, and banana blend perfectly in this delicious nutrient-dense smoothie!  

Skip the dessert and indulge in this heart-healthy alternative that's sure to bring you JOY!


1 large frozen banana

1/2 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, plus more if necessary

1 scoop Chocolate Maximum Vibrance

1 cup spinach 

**A few ice cubes



Drizzled Almond Butter

Toasted Almonds

Chia seeds

Organic, gluten-free Granola

Sliced Bananas

Unsweetened Coconut flakes



1. Add all ingredients except desired toppings to a high speed blender and blend until smooth.

2. Pour into a glass and top with desired toppings such as chia and granola.

Serves 1.

“My ultimate weapon is Maximum Vibrance…”

"My secret weapon is Maximum Vibrance..."

I am 35 years old and started using your product last December along with a lifestyle change that was desperately needed. I was obese at the time and wanted a solid product to assist me in my weight loss goals. I came upon Maximum Vibrance for one the content in it was superb. And I especially liked the Protein profile it contained along with the BCAAs. Which for someone who was going to be lifting weights I knew a quality protein source was needed. I also liked the benefits of the probiotic components as well. Which I knew from reading research that it is beneficial to help with the absorption of nutrients and proteins. 

In December I weighed in at the heaviest I had ever been at 270 pounds. I am proud to now say I am at a comfortable 205 pounds and still going. I ate better. Got plenty of rest and exercise. And of course used my ultimate weapon is Maximum Vibrance. Everyone that asks me how I did I give them the secret of giving this product a try. As I have been extremely happy with it. 

"My secret weapon is Maximum Vibrance..."


Heartwarming Max Vibrance Testimonial

Last week I bumped into a lady  named Tanya, who LOVES Max Vibrance. She said it has changed her life and her family's life. It was life changing because her dad was a diabetic and when his blood sugar wasn't in balance his temper would flare up which would create chaos in the family. Her parents were on the brink of divorce because her mother could not handle him any longer. He was literally out of control and she would cry that he wasn't the same man she married 28 years ago. Tanya bought Max Vibrance and started taking it herself. She noticed immediately a decrease in appetite, stress level reduction, energy balance, overall sanity. She started making a large smoothie every morning for her and her dad. After 2 days everyone noticed a complete 180 in the dad's behavior. His energy levels were astounding. Within 5 days his behavior and mood was so different they didn't know what to do because he was joking around again and laughing too! His self-diagnosed manic depression was gone. He's been stable; no more anger problems or blood sugar problems at all, he's lost 19 pounds and he's only been on it for a month! She says tell VH THANK YOU from the bottom of her heart for changing her family's home life!

– Thanks to Alisa Connell for providing this incredible testimonial!

Rainbow Vibrance, Joint Vibrance, and more!

rainbow vibrance

sent to us by Chyssa Botou, Greece 

How have our products helped you?:

My mum has been taking the Rainbow Vibrance and after the 2nd month she stopped complaining about her feet hurting when she is walking- and oh, she likes her walks!!! Now she has also started the Super Natural Boron and she absolutely loves it! 

What makes our brand or product stand out to you?

It is important for me to have all the information I need in order to make the right decision. Vibrant Health gives me all the information about the ingredients in their products. Further more they go the extra mile to explain to you without trying to hard sell their products. I know this from personal experience by corresponding with Chelsea Anderson from the Customer Service as well as Mark Timon their formulator! Their communication skills are exceptional and Mr Timon's willingness to share his knowledge is very much appreciated! 

How did you hear about us?: 

The first time I learned about Vibrant Health it was by a lady called Panoraia from my Biofos a shop in Athens Greece where they are selling food supplements and bio products. After that I have made my own extensive research on the internet comparing with other companies and products.

If you could tell someone unfamiliar with Vibrant Health one thing, what would it be?: 

Well, I have actually introduced a friend of mine to the Joint Vibrance! The only thing I said to her was that Vibrant Health products work and my Mum is a great testimonial for it.

Your unique story: 

My Mother is 74 years old and she has worked very hard in her life to support her family. She left her home village in the Northwest of Greece for the Germany factories in the early sixties with the huge wave of emigration after the 2nd World War. She has been through a lot and sacrificed even more. Yet, she is a lady full of joy and love for life! She loves to sing with my Father (he is a musician-plays the violin), she loves dancing and taking long walks in the lovely seashore town of Rafina, northeast of Athens, where they leave! So, I wanted to help her continue her life style for as long as possible and Vibrant Health is helping me to do just that! By the way I am taking the Maximum Vibrance myself and can not recommend it enough!

The Amazing Maximum Vibrance

Dear Ted,

I want to thank you for your training back in the winter. Since attending the training I have been consistently purchasing Max Vibrance, Green Vibrance, Joint Vibrance, Vibrant Cleanse, Super Natural C and Rainbow Vibrance for my own personal use.
Since I have started taking Max Vibrance on a daily basis I have lost 10 pounds of belly fat and I am digesting my food better. The best part of this is in the morning my cats cry and tap me on my legs until I give them a bowl of Max Vibrance. When I clean my Vita Mixer out I use the water to feed my house plants. My annuals that weren’t supposed to live longer than the fall have bloomed all winter and continue to grow healthy and vibrant into the new summer!

I am an assistant vitamin manager at Sprouts. Since the training I have been introducing my customers to your products. I haven’t had any complaints except that we can’t keep it on the shelf between orders. I went from ordering 4 Joint Vibrance to 12! Today when I was talking about your product to a customer I noticed that another one listen very intently and purchased the product I was telling my other customer. That is very common anymore for me. I usually get “she is smart and knows her stuff” by my repeat customers to customers that are listening in. It makes me feel really good that customers even notice a difference in their health taking this product and respect what I have to tell them about it.  Our store doesn’t sell Max Vibrance yet although I heard it is in the works. However, I tell my customers about it anyway and have been doing “Special Orders” for them. I think and say this is the best product in the whole store!

I am wondering if you make packets of Max Vibrance?  I would love to have some when I travel. I take the protein shake samples with me on the road. I end of giving them away to people we meet because I start raving about what’s in my bottle!

Thank you for taking the time to read my email. I just love your products and wanted to let you know that I can’t keep my mouth shut about them; I have to tell the world that there is something great out there and I don’t want them to miss out!

– Dee Martinez, Sprouts Assistant Vitamin Manager (and a Customer Support favorite caller)