Cleanse Every Day

Not into cleansing? You don't have to be. A #dailycleanse can have wonderful health benefits, without abstaining from food! #vibrantcleanse #vibrantlife #detox

Care to join us in a challenge? Don't worry, you can still eat during this challenge! :)

Not into cleansing? You don't have to be. A #dailycleanse can have wonderful health benefits, without abstaining from food! #vibrantcleanse #vibrantlife #detox

Many of us are not the biggest fans of cleansing. However, I would venture to say we are all fans of improving our health through our daily actions. The simpler the better. Perhaps you have heard the renowned health benefits of drinking a glass of (room temp or warm) lemon water or lemon & cayenne water each morning on an empty stomach.
Here are some highlights: 
•    Hydration 
•    Gets things “moving” in the morning ;)
•    Skin clearing benefits
•    Supports UT health
•    Weight management – pectin in the lemons and/or the cayenne pepper itself naturally make us feel more full and speed up metabolism 
•    Vitamin C – pump up your immune system
•    Can help reduce uric acid in joints (a main cause of pain)
•    Liver cleansing
•    Supports circulation
•    Antibacterial
•    Helps regulate healthy blood sugar
So here’s the “challenge”: Drink 1 (8-12 oz.)  glass of Vibrant Cleanse every morning on an empty stomach. Ideally drink another 8 oz. of plain water before consuming any food for most impact. The idea is to add drinking cleanse into your morning ritual for 1 whole month (April) and notice if you feel any benefit(s) from doing so. If you want this to replace your breakfast – go for it – but it doesn’t have to. You may need to add more water, lemon juice, or less powder to your mixture to make it suit your taste buds. Who knows, this may become your best morning routine yet!

About the author: Kate Shanley is the Social Media Coordinator & Pet Health Consultant for Vibrant Health. She holds a B.S. in Animal Science and is also a board certified Holistic Health Coach, has a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University, and she's a dog trainer. 

When Someone You Love Is Cleansing

I came home from Saturday morning errands with a paper sack full of root vegetables and a pound of sausage that Dominic, of Moon in the Pond Farm, sold me at the winter farmers market in town. It was only noon, but I was already looking forward to dinner. The kitchen smelled citrusy. My husband was halving lemons at the cutting board. Lemons! He was cleansing! My first thoughts were completely selfish: Who would eat the sausage with me? Who would enjoy a glass of wine with me over dinner? Coffee in bed with me on Sunday morning? I felt lonely and… disappointed. What do you do when someone you love is cleansing and you're not? Staffer Kristen Panzer talks about the disappointment, but strong respect that occurs. #vibranthealthblog

It’s mid-January and the tree has come down, the decorations put away. The late nights, the rich, heavy meals with friends and family are over for now, as is the spending frenzy, the wine, and late morning sleep-ins. As much as November and December are a time of gratitude and a time of celebration, January is cleanse and detox month. January promises a new beginning, a necessary end to the excesses of the holiday season. It’s a time to lay the framework for the healthier lifestyles we commit ourselves to newly in 2014 (remember that New Year’s resolution you made?). A cleanse, like the Master Cleanse, is the way we reset ourselves internally, the way we wipe the slate clean and begin anew.

I know it’s important for my husband to do this, mentally and physically. He’s hard on his body, pushes his limits. He travels a lot for work, which means grabbing a quick bite in an airport, room service at the hotel, or wining and dining clients over heavy meals and liquid lunches. And until very recently, he was a professional ski instructor on the side, tearing it up on the slopes, skiing the black diamonds, the bumps, skiing off-piste, trying to catch some Big Air. The Master Cleanse is a way to pay his body back for some of that. It’s a way to quiet the cacophony of lifestyle choices, the foods, the fads, and allow the body to rest, to re-set, to recalibrate internally. My husband says he loves the idea that he can subsist on just lemon juice and maple syrup. He’s a minimalist kind of guy like that.

A cleanse might even be something we need spiritually. The worlds’ religions all have traditions of fasting and deprivation as a way to achieve spiritual awareness. It makes sense to me that a cleanse would be good for the soul, that there might be some clarity and insight available during and after a cleanse that we might not otherwise experience.

 He’s almost ten days into it now and I am doing what I can to support him in this. I picked him up some boxes of single serve Vibrant Cleanse packets for travelling and got him a big tub of the stuff to keep in his New York City office. He says he already feels lighter and his clothes fit him better. He says being on the cleanse has heightened his senses and he’s very aware of food right now, but still going strong. In a few days he will be ready to ease off the cleanse with green drinks, broth, and steamed vegetables.  I think he is looking forward to that and to making healthier, more mindful eating choices. I don’t know what exactly that will look like for him, but I hope that someday it can include a little bit of that sage sausage from Moon in the Pond Farm and a glass of wine with me. For now, the sausage is in the freezer, the wine is still corked and the kitchen smells peppery. That’s the cayenne, spilled on the counter.  John is slicing lemons again and the sharp, tangy citrus smell is mouth-watering.