“I don’t eat enough greens…”

I am a terrible eater when it comes to eating vegetables and salads. I don't eat enough greens. I wanted to have something that provided me with all the nutrients I needed to stay healthy. I'm usually skeptical about these so called super foods. There are so many out there and they all make outlandish promises. At the recommendation of a good friend I tried Green Vibrance. I read the label and did some research on the product. Sounded like what I needed. But was it promising too much? At that time I was experiencing leg burning sensation in my leg. It was mild at first but got progressively worse. Well before I would go to the doctor I read of some of the causes of this condition. Poor circulation, injury from exercising, and serious diseases. Well before I diagnosed myself with a serious disease I felt it could be a circulation issue. I have had problems in the past with circulation, numbness, foot cramps. One of the benefits of Green Vibrance is that it improves circulation. I was taking it for about 3 days when I noticed the leg burning sensation was decreasing each day. After 5 days the sensation was completely gone. Could it have been a coincidence? I stopped taking Green Vibrance for 3 days to be sure. The leg burning sensation came back. Not as bad but it did return. I went back to taking Green Vibrance every day and I can honestly say no more circulation issues. It worked.  No more cramps in my leg and foot. Exercising now too as that is important as well as maintaining a healthy diet. I  have also noticed a boost in energy after taking it for 30 days. Green Vibrance is a great product and I highly recommended it to anyone who doesn't eat their veggies normally.


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