Green Vibrance

Use started with the 3 small daily packs just over a year ago. Was immediately impressed with how quickly the product dissolved and also very palatable in water. So convenience and taste, or lack thereof, was tops. Graduated to the larger container about 2 months later, and have since taken my purchases to the largest container offered. I do keep it in the freezer.

I have taken a variety of nutritional supplements for years, and also been aware of the benefits of green drinks but never added one to my daily routine. 
With a variety of choices at my local health food store, I chose Green Vibrance because of a familiar face on the label. Mr. Mark Timon. I met Mark many years ago having worked in a sales capacity for various supplement manufactures that took me to many trade shows and meetings over the years. Mr. Timon was always a trusted name in the industry, well respected, and many knew that he would have a grand future in what was then a budding industry.
The other thing that attracted me to the product on the shelf, was the packaging. The print, though substantial, was easy to read. Wordy, but important when one is choosing a greens product.
Almost immediately after starting the product I experienced the following:
*A huge increase in cognitive clarity
*Elevated physical energy
*A lift in mental awareness 
*An alleviated cheeriness and feeling of well being
*A significant drop in desire for carbs
*A clear, crisp attitude

A few months before using Green Vibrance I had enrolled in a weight reduction program. And although I felt genuinely better in every way, I wanted to determine was it Green Vibrance or my renewed eating program that was making the difference in my mental attitude and carb addiction.  I stopped taking greens but stayed true to my eating program for 10 days. During that time I still felt physically clean but all of benefits listed above disappeared, returning only when the greens were reintroduced to my daily regimen. Life was once again back in high definition so to speak. 

I am 68 years old. I take only one medication and an aspirin. My health is good for my age. I have never smoked, and have the occasional beer, just not a fan of alcohol. My diet dwindled for a number of years and I did have carotid surgery three years ago. Doc said it was a build up of a high fat diet and little exercise.  I get annual physicals and take regular exercise. Walking and  gardening are favs. 

Wishing you all continued success.
Kindest regards,
Sandra & Steve

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