Green Vibrance Testimonial: How This Superfood Helps One Couple Stay Healthy

Vibrant Health’s Green Vibrance superfood has been my most valuable “secret” for healthy aging for more than 8 years. I rarely dare forego a morning scoop of super green powder! It gives me my insurance for immunity and well-being! As a teacher, I used to have frequent colds. The times I used to allow myself to run out of this product, I would invariably find my respiratory health challenged in some way. 

My husband used to get a cold or flu several times a year; he is active around hospitals. For 8 years, he has avoided his typically annual emergency hospitalization for Krones Disease, since taking Green Vibrance. 

Both of our issues are gone! Vitamins and fresh raw foods alone hadn’t given me what I needed as armor against colds. With Green Vibrance, I count on great health! 

How This Superfood Helps One Couple Stay Healthy

Green Vibrance Superfood Saves Time and Supplies More Energy

I like to juice occasionally, but can’t supply the powerhouse of what Green Vibrance has…foods, herbs, fibers, pro-biotics, and pre-biotics. Yes, we try to eat plenty of salads, but not enough. Some days, there is no time to make that happen. We take multiple vitamins, but they do not typically encompass all that Green Vibrance contains to set the stage for an alkaline pH~my goal for longevity and disease-free living! 

I wonder if Green Vibrance is responsible for our good skin or our dark hair with practically no gray…and we are both almost 60! Our siblings look much more aged. I think the greens provide a more assimilate-able and superior calcium for my strong bones.  

My experience is to use just a small amount of flavorful juice, or freshly squeezed carrots or tomatoes. When I add water, and shake it, I have a daily regime that is worth its weight in gold. I can’t afford to get sick, or pass around germs, nor do I want to waste my time not feeling well. The cost of the product is extremely reasonable on every level when I weigh the outcome of not eating such a healthy product. Green Vibrance on my daily menu is a MUST! 


~~Firm supporter of Green Vibrance~~P. Sierra


The staff at Vibrant Health would like to thank "P" for her Green Vibrance testimonial, and for sharing her Green Vibrance superfood experience with us. Do you have a Green Vibrance story to tell? Send it to us at socialmedia(at)!


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