Heartwarming Max Vibrance Testimonial

Last week I bumped into a lady  named Tanya, who LOVES Max Vibrance. She said it has changed her life and her family's life. It was life changing because her dad was a diabetic and when his blood sugar wasn't in balance his temper would flare up which would create chaos in the family. Her parents were on the brink of divorce because her mother could not handle him any longer. He was literally out of control and she would cry that he wasn't the same man she married 28 years ago. Tanya bought Max Vibrance and started taking it herself. She noticed immediately a decrease in appetite, stress level reduction, energy balance, overall sanity. She started making a large smoothie every morning for her and her dad. After 2 days everyone noticed a complete 180 in the dad's behavior. His energy levels were astounding. Within 5 days his behavior and mood was so different they didn't know what to do because he was joking around again and laughing too! His self-diagnosed manic depression was gone. He's been stable; no more anger problems or blood sugar problems at all, he's lost 19 pounds and he's only been on it for a month! She says tell VH THANK YOU from the bottom of her heart for changing her family's home life!

– Thanks to Alisa Connell for providing this incredible testimonial!

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