“My ultimate weapon is Maximum Vibrance…”

I am 35 years old and started using your product last December along with a lifestyle change that was desperately needed. I was obese at the time and wanted a solid product to assist me in my weight loss goals. I came upon Maximum Vibrance for one the content in it was superb. And I especially liked the Protein profile it contained along with the BCAAs. Which for someone who was going to be lifting weights I knew a quality protein source was needed. I also liked the benefits of the probiotic components as well. Which I knew from reading research that it is beneficial to help with the absorption of nutrients and proteins. 

In December I weighed in at the heaviest I had ever been at 270 pounds. I am proud to now say I am at a comfortable 205 pounds and still going. I ate better. Got plenty of rest and exercise. And of course used my ultimate weapon is Maximum Vibrance. Everyone that asks me how I did I give them the secret of giving this product a try. As I have been extremely happy with it. 

"My secret weapon is Maximum Vibrance..."


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