To Detox or Not to ‘Tox’?

to detox or not to detox

to detox or not to detoxDetox?!  Is this about drug or alcohol detoxification? Nope!!  We’re going to talk a little about the science of how your body gets rid of toxins and waste.  Because basically when these build-up ~ you get sick!  So let’s talk about some simple things to boost your body’s ability to detoxify and clear out waste.

It may seem as though every time you turn around you’ll hear of yet another detox diet, bath, plan or new approach towards detoxing but, really ~ your body does it all the time.  You’re doing it now!  In fact, if it weren’t detoxing constantly we’d all be in a heap of trouble. There are so many stressors that consistently assault your system at any one time including:

•Unhealthy Diet (okay, that one’s obvious)

•Stress (mental & emotional ~ even anger, jealousy, isolation, loneliness, and hostility  all translate into toxins in your system)

•Food Allergies

•Environmental toxins and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).  A source can be from building materials (such as floor and wall coverings, particle board, adhesives, and paints). Exposure may often happen if you work or live in a “tight” building with poor ventilation or windows that don’t open, in a large urban or industrial area, or are exposed to molds and the toxins they carry.

•Medications – including acetaminophen (Tylenol), acid-blocking drugs (Tagamet, Zantac, Pepcid, Prilosec, Prevacid), hormone-modulating medications in pills, patches or creams (birth control pills, estrogen, progesterone, prostate medication), ibuprofen, naproxen, etc. as well as, artificial sweeteners (like aspartame, sucralose, neotame, acesulfame potassium, and saccharin).

•Heavy metals, mercury, lead, petrochemicals, residues, pesticides & fertilizers (approximately 1 in every 4 people store heavy metals)

•Yeast, bacteria or fungus, inside your gut, as well as hormonal & metabolic toxins that need to be eliminated

As your body’s natural detoxification system is overloaded, you begin getting symptoms. This may take years of accumulated stress and toxins. Even low-level toxins profoundly affect the proper functioning of your cells and biological systems.  When symptoms do appear, they’re often so unclear and common that you may not immediately recognize them as a problem.  Also, it’s important to note that some people are naturally better than others at getting rid of toxins.  Actually, problems with poor detoxification are at the root of most illness.  This includes ~ Autoimmune diseases, Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Food allergies, Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Heart disease, Arthritis, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia syndrome, Digestive diseases like Crohn’s disease, ulcers, colitis and inflammatory bowel disease, Menstrual problems like heavy bleeding, cramps, PMS, menopausal symptoms, mood changes & hot flashes.

Are you wondering what you can do?  Limiting exposure is important but, equally important is learning to support your body to maximize elimination of toxins and waste ~ You can feel better! Your skin, liver, kidneys, intestines and even lungs help you detoxify. But for optimal functioning it is important to make sure all these parts of healthy detoxification are working well together. They depend on the right food, exercise, adequate sweating, vitamins, minerals, complimentary (or special) nutrients, as well as phytochemicals and making use of stress management techniques.

Here are the ‘Big 8’ for helping your body to ‘Detox’ naturally:

1. Water ~ that’s right the clear non-flavored stuff – drink plenty of clean water, at least eight to ten 8oz  glasses of filtered water daily.

2. Move your bowels, at least once or twice a day. (If this has been difficult for you, consider taking two tablespoons of ground flax seeds daily and supplementing with acidophilus).

3. Get rid of the “white stuff.” Yes, this means white flour and white sugar.

4. Eat 8 to 10 wonderful servings of organic colorful fruits and vegetables every day (especially from the family of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, collards, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts & kohlrabi. Don’t forget to also have plenty of garlic and onions, which help increase sulfur in your body which aids detoxification.)

5. Avoid stimulants, sedatives and drugs such as caffeine and nicotine and try to reduce alcohol intake.

6. Movement ~ Exercise 5 days a week (Focus on your cardiovascular system but, also get in some strengthening & stretching exercises.) It is vital that you sweat profusely to release toxins through your skin.

7. Take a high-quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement.

8. Make it a point to get deeply relaxed every day to get your nervous system in a state of calm, rest and relaxation.

You’ll find green veggies are always at the top of the list for removing toxins. We at Vibrant Health have committed ourselves to helping you find ways to fit amazing nutritional value within your busy schedule. Field of Greens is a unique combination of 100% certified organic green veggies. A daily serving is a reliable way of infusing your body with a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients which will assist your body’s natural ability to remove those pesky toxins and waste.

About the author: Jeanne Ricks is a Holistic Health Coach & Clinical Hypnotist who provides personal diet, wellness & nutrition coaching combined with Hypnosis to help you achieve your personal best.

Green Vibrance and Field of Greens: A Comparison

field of greens green vibrance

Here at Vibrant Health, we are often asked about the differences between Green Vibrance and Field of Greens.  Why would you take one over the other? Can you take both?

There are quite a few differences between Green Vibrance and Field of Greens which we will get to, but the reasoning behind taking one over the other or simultaneously, is most often based on what you are looking for in a particular product or products.

What are they?

Field of Greens is actually one of Vibrant Health’s oldest products on the market, born out of consumer request and feedback for a product that was “just the greens.” Improved over the years, the greens are the most alkalizing and dense as you can get.  Additionally, it is raw, kosher, vegan, domestically sourced, and 100% organic. An important aspect of Field of Greens’ ingredients to note is that nearly all ingredients include the whole leaf (and stem when applicable) as well as the juice in very concentrated amounts. Example: Wheat grass whole leaf powder 680 mg & Wheat grass juice powder 320 mg

This is done because there are a lot of nutrients and fiber in the whole leaf, but think about the idea behind juicing: breaking down the cellulose. Research supporting juicing explains our bodies lack the enzyme to break down cellulose, or plant fiber, so without the presence of this our body can focus on absorbing nutrients. However, cellulose is vital as it cleanses the intestines, keeping them clear, which can help prevent colon cancer. Think of Field of Greens as the best of both worlds. Whole plant and juice in one. The chlorophyll from the greens supports intestinal health along with the fiber content helping to eliminate heavy metals, cholesterol, and toxins before they can be absorbed.

Green Vibance is a broad spectrum green Superfood containing 74 ingredients which offer support for every system in your body. The probiotics in Green Vibrance aid in regulating digestion and promoting immunity by breaking down proteins for easy assimilation, transporting minerals and B-vitamins across the intestinal mucosa, and creating an unfriendly environment for bad bacteria and yeast. The chlorophyll and fiber content in Green Vibrance, just as in Field of Greens, help to cleanse and detoxify the body. Additionally with liver support ingredients such as milk thistle and chicory root, it aids the very organ in your body which denatures unneeded and toxic ingredients from food and modern chemicals. There are also antioxidants and immune support beyond those found in the fruit and vegetable content, from herbal components such as green tea, gingko biloba, and astralagus. Bone health is also supported with cissus quadrangularis and boron. Green Vibrance is a non-GMO product, with most ingredients certified organic.
Which is better?

As you can see the two products are very different. Both have greens rich in vitamins and minerals, and both cleanse and detoxify. The decision to take one over the other or both may be influenced by these considerations:

For the rawist: Field of Greens is a raw food. The exact definition of raw food varies, but the general consensus states that a raw food is a food that has not been altered by any method that would change its basic chemical structure through heating. The temperature at which changes take place is designated at or over 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Ingredients in Field of Greens have been dried at temperatures ranging from 40 degrees to 94 degrees Fahrenheit, the lowest in the industry.

For the vegans: As a 14-ingredient raw food, Field of Greens is exactly the pure green food vegans seek. There is some debate as to whether or not Green Vibrance can be deemed vegan.  With the switch to Version 14, Vitamin D3 in Green Vibrance now comes from lichen (a moss-like substance that grows on rocks and tree trunks), making it a plant-based and vegan source. The cause of debate is now the probiotics. Some vegans may deem probiotics as an animal-sourced ingredient while others may deem it a bacteria and therefore in a class of its own. Humans and other animals live in symbiotic relationship with the probiotic bacteria that inhabit our gastrointestinal, skin surface, and urogenital tissue. Bacteria used today have no other original source than the commercial laboratory in which they were bred and grown. So, we leave the vegan descriptor for Green Vibrance up to the consumer.

For the Kosher: Field of Greens is certified Kosher, and at this time Green Vibrance is not.

In sum: Field of Greens is just the greens, in more concentrated doses than in Green Vibrance because that is the focus of the product. It is very alkalizing, detoxifying, and energizing.  Green Vibrance has probiotics, digestive enzymes, herbs and botanicals in addition to its greens designed to support all body systems.

Are you looking for a multi-purpose supplement that essentially rules out the need for a multi-vitamin? Or are you looking for a dense green raw food supplement that is Kosher and Raw? Now that you know the differences, you can see they share important commonalities, would be great in conjunction with one another but also stand strong on their own.

Leisure Smoothie



You’ve been working hard. You deserve a break. Labor Day weekend is a time to honor your hard work, so sit back, relax and let your Rainbow Vibrance smoothie do the work for you! Be patriotic, be healthy, be vibrant!

In this smoothie: Cauliflower contains a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, potassium, phosphorus, and boron. Strawberries and Blueberries are rich in antioxidants, which benefit cardiovascular health as well as cognitive function. Their phytochemical content is also said to have anti-cancer properties, prevent wrinkles, counteract bad cholesterol, fight inflammation and regulate blood pressure. Rainbow Vibrance contains phytochemicals and plant fibers which can help rid the body of heavy metals an toxins. Coconut milk is said to be antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral.


5-7 florets of Cauliflower

1/2 cup blueberries

1/2 cup strawberries

1 cup coconut or almond milk

1 serving Rainbow Vibrance

Handful of ice

The Importance of Proper Skin Care

skin care

By Rachel Louchen, Guest Contributor and Writer

It seems like a new skincare product comes out everyday, making huge claims of being “the end-all-be-all for your skin” or “the best innovation for skin since soap”. In addition, they are backed up with rave recommendations from dermatologists or boast celebrity endorsements. But skin care products are just one tiny piece of the puzzle. After years of spending hundreds of dollars on the newest “it” cream, toner, and serum, I know that the secret to good skin starts internally, from a steady and consistent regime of diet, hydration, and exercise.

When considering the basics of good skin, hydration is key and I don’t mean covering yourself with moisturizer. It doesn’t matter if you’re using top of the line products every night, if your skin isn’t hydrated internally, it is going to show up on your face. Skin is your largest organ and simply can not be at its best without plenty of water, absence of it causes skin to be dry, which brings out fine lines and wrinkles, as well as lack of radiance. Stay hydrated throughout the day, and stay dewy.

Another major factor for good skin is diet. Your body runs better on greens and natural products than on processed and fast foods, and of course your skin reflects these choices. Choose foods with antioxidants and “healthy fats” which come from salmon, nuts, and fortified eggs, these contain omega-3 fatty acids and help skin retain its natural moisture barrier. The jury is still out on whether fried food causes breakouts (dermatologists say acne is mostly genetic), but eating foods with no value certainly does not help skin. Try snacking on foods that will help your body retain water and keep skin moist, like leafy greens, vegetables, and fruit. Alcohol is very dehydrating, so moderation is key and be sure to drink tons of water in between servings, because nothing shows up on your face more than a night of cocktails. Additionally, while this may be common sense, smoking can really accelerate the aging process. If the health benefits of laying off the nicotine don’t convince you, just consider that smoking depletes your body of vitamin C, which is essential to keeping skin moist and plump.

While some people may insist that exercise makes them break out due to sweating, exercise is also a great stress reliever, and stress can seriously wreck the skin. Yoga and low-impact running can do wonders for your mood and keep the skin clear. The best tip I can personally give for maintaining healthy skin long-term: sunblock. UV rays are very damaging to the skin, and are the cause for premature aging, not to mention the long-term exposure risk of skin cancer. Start using sunblock daily, no less than SPF 15, and give your skin a fighting chance. Additionally, puffy, dark under-eye circles are not a good look; make sure you get a solid seven hours of sleep!

Lastly, we’re not completely immune to the plethora of skin care advertisements, if you are considering trying new cleansers or foundations, just remember; skin likes being on a constant regimen, switching up skincare products can be stressful for your skin, so avoid products with alcohol, fragrance, or coloring. Starting at the source, by treating your entire body well, is the best advice for good, clear, and radiant skin. Because the best skin possible is healthy skin.

Rachel Louchen is a writer based in Great Barrington, MA. She enjoys covering the Berkshires and taking advantage of all the area has to offer…except camping. Follow @fancyrachell

Addicted to Stress

stressed out
I have always self-described myself as being free from “an addictive personality,” and in many senses this statement holds true. I am not, and have never been, addicted to drugs, cigarettes, or, with the exception of some typical college years, alcohol. In fact, seeing those around me who were addicted to these things always triggered this “Just stop!” or “How could you let yourself get hooked in the first place?!” type of reaction. I lacked sympathy and felt irritated by what I found to be irresponsible habits coupled with the excuse of an addiction.

Feeling like a bit of a tight wad, I decided to give this word addiction another look. Over time, two concepts came to mind: stereotypical behaviors and obesity. I learned about stereotypical behaviors, which have nothing to do with what we know as stereotypes, in an Animal Welfare class in college. Dogs that have been isolated in shelters for long periods of time will begin to pace or turn around in circles compulsively. People will brush their fingers through their hair, bounce their leg around, bite their fingernails, grind their teeth…the list goes on. These behaviors initially release some stress relieving hormones, but over time less and less stress is actually relieved and the behavior becomes increasingly subconscious. The subconscious still seeks out this stress release even after it stops serving that

Next I looked to the sociology of food. Obese and overweight people are almost always starving. This may seem counter intuitive, but the highly processed and nutrient-lacking foods that frequently dominate the diet of an overweight (or underweight) person leave their bodies starving… for nutrients that is. Hunger begets hunger when it is answered with quick fix “fillers”, rather than nutrient-dense choices such as fruits and vegetables. Moreover, eating can be comforting and give a feeling of relief from stress for ANYONE, not just those who may have an unhealthy weight. If I sat on the couch watching TV with a bag of chips in front of me, I would probably eat half of it without even thinking. That in fact sounds like a stereotypical behavior!

This is how I came to the conclusion: we are all addicted to stress (even me). We try to calm ourselves with little nervous habits, with harmful vices like the aforementioned cigarettes and drugs, or with a big cheesy burger and crunchy fries. I feel like once we realize that our true addiction is stress, we can address that stress more directly by being in control. For me, this control and awareness makes me feel confident. I decide how I deal with stress, and what I allow to affect me. I choose portion control, exercise, and natural supplementation (yes, Green Vibrance is one, which has adaptogens to help with stress) as my vices and try to view life with the perspective of gratefulness for what I have rather than resentfulness at what I don’t have. Perhaps I am still over-simplifying the concept of addiction and its psychological hold, but I’d rather not stress about that.

Basil to the Future Smoothie

basil smoothie

basil smoothie

Basil has anti-anxiety properties as its phytochemicals have been said to lower cortisol, a hormone secreted during stress. It can also help rid your body of blemishes, cleanse your liver because of its antibacterial properties, provide a natural source of iron and magnesium, and its anti-inflammatory effects make it a great choice for those with arthritis and joint pain. Combine this with Maximum Vibrance, a Futurefood which delivers a meal’s worth of high protein plus a dose of multi-vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, and probiotics to increase vitality, energy, and achieve optimal health and you have a meal that is far beyond our times. Drinking this smoothie probably won’t mess up the space-time continuum, but we’re willing to risk it. One sip of this and you might even exclaim, “Great Scott!”


1 Packet or 1 scoop of Maximum Vibrance

5-6 small Basil leaves

3-4 large Romaine lettuce leaves

1 tbsp. ground Flax seed

1 tbsp. Chia seed

4 oz of coconut milk

4 oz of water

2 tbsp. plain Greek yogurt

1 tsp. honey or agave to taste

Handful of Ice

Directions: In an electric blender, combine all ingredients until smooth, serve immediately.

MAX Vibrance Omega Balls

omega balls

omega balls


2 cups hemp hearts

1/4 cup chia powder

1/4 cup ground flax

2 scoops Maximum Vibrance

1/2 cup shredded coconut

1/2 cup raw cacao powder

1 70% or darker chocolate bar chopped

15 pitted dates

1/4 cup dried Bing cherries

4 tbsp raw honey or agave

2 tbsp raw coconut butter

1 tbsp extra virgin coconut oil

1/2 cup water
Directions: In high power blender or food processor combine hemp hearts, chia, flax, Max Vibrance, shredded coconut, cacao powder (other than 3 tbsp for coating), chopped chocolate bar, dates, cherries until crumbly. Add coconut butter, coconut oil, honey, and water until smooth. Refrigerate in sealed container for up to 4 months & freezer up to 1 year in appropriate container.


Beet Your Greens

beet tops

beet tops

Did you know you could use your beet tops to make a highly nutritious smoothie? Beet greens contain large amounts of Vitamin K, which is an important element that aids in blood clotting, may help fight diseases such as Alzheimer’s, and works with calcium to boost your bone strength. Beet greens also support healthy vision and a robust immune system as they are rich in Vitamin A. Rainbow Vibrance is a Critical Cellular Care product which concentrates the nutrition of approximately two-thirds of a pound of fruits and vegetables in each small scoop of 5.9 grams. Each serving carries an exceptionally high antioxidant value (expressed as ORAC units) from a broad range of specially selected fruit and vegetable powders and extracts. This smoothie, with its deep burgundy color, is a tasty snack for your immune system.


1 cup chopped beet tops

1 apple

3-4 kale leaves

1 tsp flax seed

1 scoop Rainbow Vibrance

1 tsp honey

8 oz water

Handful of ice

“You Are What You Eat”

From Entertainer and Performer at Walt Disney, Doug Hall. Thank you, Doug for your professional vote of confidence!

If I eat well, I perform well….no questions asked. I am an entertainer with the Walt Disney Company and with the physical/mental demand of my role, the quality of my performance is the outcome of how well I take care of my body. I truly believe that “You are what you eat”, which is why I make sure that eating clean and nutrient dense foods is at the forefront of my nutritional lifestyle. 


If I eat well, I perform well….no questions asked. I am an entertainer with the Walt Disney Company and with the physical/mental demand of my role, the quality of my performance is the outcome of how well I take care of my body. I truly believe that “You are what you eat”, which is why I make sure that eating clean and nutrient dense foods is at the forefront of my nutritional lifestyle.


I have been using Green Vibrance for almost three years now, and holy cow the difference I see and feel. Some might say the taste is less than appealing…I could care less because I know how potent it is with the nutrients I need for my body to function at 100%. I need my body to recover quickly between performances and from day to day so that every time I step onto a stage, I am giving everything I am capable of doing.  I know that in Green Vibrance, there is an Adaptogen Blend and an Enzyme Complex Blend, among numerous other nutrient blends. The Adaptogens help my body adapt to physical and mental stress…The Enzyme Complex helps my body break down and absorb the nutrients that I am putting into my body. I love Green Vibrance for this reason….it helps with so many functions in our body….I don’t have to buy a lot of different supplements because it has such a variety.

With the help of Green Vibrance, my nutritional lifestyle and view about food has transformed from eating like a 1st grader to eating solely to care for my body. There is the idea, “Eat to live, don’t live to eat”….Green Vibrance not only has helped me understand this idea, but also to actually follow this lifestyle.  I don’t crave the junk food….I don’t even consider it anymore.

It is safe to say that Green Vibrance has changed my life. It is a part of my daily nutrition, no questions asked.


***The staff at Vibrant Health would like to thank Doug for his Green Vibrance testimonial, and for sharing his Green Vibrance Superfood experience with us. Do you have a Green Vibrance story to tell? Send it to us at socialmedia(at)!***


Anti-Inflammatory Zinger–Muy Picante!



Do you get headaches? Is it a migraine, a tension headache, a sinus or a cluster headache? I could get another headache just trying to pinpoint what type of headache I actually have, what caused it (weather? genetics? diet?), and how to avoid them in the future. All I know is sometimes my head hurts and sometimes it just feels a little foggy. With the hesitant summer we are having on the East coast, the pressure is all over the place causing joint pain and other aches. So whether you get bad headaches or you would just like to drink something that rocks for brain function, circulation, and the fight against inflammation, then this is the drink for you. This drink packs a little (or a lot if you so desire) spice, so you can feel like you are having a fiesta while you’re taking care of your body.


1 serving Green Vibrance®

1/8 tsp. (or to taste) Cayenne pepper

1 cup brewed Gingko tea or any detox tea

1/2 cup spinach

1 banana

1/2 cup sliced cucumber

1/4 tsp. (or to taste) fresh ginger

Optional antioxidant bonus: 1 Maximized Curcuminoid Tablet

Directions: In an electric blender, combine all ingredients until smooth, serve immediately.