Eat Your Broccoli to Help Your Eyes!

Nerve cells in your eye require Vitamin C in order to function properly — a surprising discovery that may mean Vitamin C is required elsewhere in the brain for its proper functioning, according to a new study by scientists at Oregon Health & Science University recently published in the July 14, 2011, Journal of Neuroscience. “We found that cells in the retina need to be ‘bathed’ in relatively high doses of Vitamin C, inside and out, to function properly,” said Henrique Von Gersdorff, Ph.D., a senior scientist at OHSU’s Vollum Institute and a co-author of the study. “Because the retina is part of the central nervous system, this suggests there’s likely an important role for Vitamin C throughout our brains, to a degree we had not realized before!”

Your brain has special receptors, called GABA-type receptors that help modulate the rapid communication between cells in your brain – sort-of like a traffic cop. GABA receptors in your brain act as an inhibitory “brake” on excitatory neurons in the brain. The OHSU researchers found that these GABA-type receptors in the retinal cells stopped functioning properly when Vitamin C was removed.

Because retinal cells are a kind of very accessible brain cell, it’s likely that GABA receptors elsewhere in the brain also require Vitamin C to function properly, von Gersdorff said. And because Vitamin C is a major natural antioxidant, it may be that it essentially ‘preserves’ the receptors and cells from premature breakdown, Von Gersdorff said.

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What Does this Mean for Your Eye Health?

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble Vitamin which is essential for the normal functioning of every cell in your body. Benefits of Vitamin C may include protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease and even skin wrinkling.

Unlike most mammals, we humans don’t have the ability to make our own Vitamin C – We must obtain Vitamin C through our diet. Because it isn’t stored in the body either, you should eat foods high in Vitamin C every day. Although citrus fruits are a great source of Vitamin C, other not so obvious foods contain Vitamin C as well:

· Eat more Broccoli! A ½ cup serving provides 45 mg of Vitamin C.

· Add a slice of Tomato to your sandwiches. A small Tomato provides 25 mg of Vitamin C.

· Slice up a Papaya or Mango for dessert. ½ a medium Papaya or Mango provides 95 mg of Vitamin C.

· Think peppers! Red, Yellow and Orange Peppers have about twice the Vitamin C of Green Peppers.

· More obscure vegetables, like Kohlrabi and Jicama, provide about 45 mg of Vitamin C per half cup. Just grate each into a green salad.

· Believe it or not, Potatoes contain Vitamin C, too! A small baked Potato has 25 mg.

· Kiwi fruit, the fuzzy little brown fruit with the deep green interior, has about 55 mg of Vitamin C.
The dietary supplement and functional food market for eye health is being driven by several major forces: An aging population, unhealthy diets, an increased demand for natural ingredients and rising healthcare costs. “It is just not practical for most people to consume the required servings of fruits and vegetables needed on a consistent basis, whereas taking a once-daily supplement is safe, effective, and easy to do,” says researcher Mark Moyad, MD, MPH, of the University of Michigan. He further states: “The more we study Vitamin C, the better our understanding of how diverse it is in protecting our health, from cardiovascular, cancer, stroke, eye health [and] immunity – to living longer.”

Since getting enough through your diet can be challenging when you’re on the go, at Vibrant Health we’ve carefully developed products to keep you on track.

Did you know that our Green Vibrance not only contains 200mg of a natural Vitamin C called Acerola, it also contains 100mg of certified organic freeze dried Broccoli sprouts? Why Sprouts? In this early stage of plant development the plant starts to multiply in its nutrient content to get ready to become full-sized plant. This results in a fiber-rich food packed with vitamins and minerals. Sprouts are also far easier to digest than the original seed.

So consider getting enough Vitamin C an important part of your daily nutritional program to improve not only your overall immune system health but, especially your eyes.

About the author: Jeanne Ricks is a Holistic Health Coach & Clinical Hypnotist who provides personal diet, wellness & nutrition coaching combined with Hypnosis to help you achieve your personal best.

Some Simple Tips to Keep You Safe in the Summer Sun!

Guess what? Your sunscreen has an expiration date!

That’s because “a sunscreen’s active ingredients break down and don’t work as well,” says Francesca Fusco, M.D., an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center. So keeping the same bottle of sunscreen for years, while cost effective, is doing little to actually protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun.

sunIf you really want that perfect tan PACE YOURSELF! Progressively build-up the time you spend in the sun. Don’t try to cram all of your sun exposure into a 2 week vacation and expect to experience the benefits.

Did you know that early morning is the best time to sunbathe? If you have not already built up a base tan, you’re less likely to burn in the mild morning sun. Also, it’s best to sunbathe when the temperature is a little chillier than you might expect (below 68 degrees). Why? So, that you don’t overheat. It’s also important to treat your tanning the same way that you do important medicines i.e. control your dosage; frequent, short periods of exposure are best. You don’t want to overindulge.

Not all skin types are alike. You know from experience that some of your friends naturally tan more easily than others or burn more easily than others. What are termed Skin Type 1 people have fair skin, red hair and freckles – will burn easily, resulting in peeling and blistering, without any indication that he or she has actually tanned. But on the other hand, a Skin Type 4 person with dark hair and olive skin will tan very well and quite easily, even with a minimal amount of sun exposure. While people with medium to darker skin tend to tan more easily, they can also get very serious sunburn. For these skin types it is still important to shorten exposure times, use sunscreen and observe recommended exposure times.

Green drinks are a great way to get optimum nutrition. There are some dietary compliments that can also assist in keeping your skin healthy as you tan which you’ll find readily available in Green Vibrance.

Vitamin E (Tocopherol Acetate) You probably already know that Vitamin E is essential for healthy skin. But did you know that this is true whether it is naturally occurring (via sun absorption), topically applied or ingested? Vitamin E is an all-around amazing skin protector.

• protects your skin from early stages of UV damage

• Can increase the success of sunscreens

• Can reduce risk of sunburns… even if applied after sun exposure!

Vitamin C: Is a major factor in the maintenance of normal connective tissue, and promotes regeneration of skin. Most important for sun worshippers, it is an antioxidant agent which quenches free radicals caused by UV light, therefore slowing down the long term effects of exposure to UVR.

L-Tyrosine (400mg): It’s a strange word but a simple amino acid from which the pigment Melanin is formed through a process, called Melanogenesis. This is actually what is responsible for your “tan”, or darkening of your skin, upon exposure to UVR. Without Tyrosine there would be no melanin.

B-Complex Vitamins: Specifically the B vitamins (B1,B2,B3, B5,B6,and B12) which assist in the conversion and metabolism of amino-acids, regeneration of red blood cells, and skin cell growth. All of these functions figure prominently in the process of melanogenesis.

Remember to be especially cautious when you are in or on the water. Those breezes and the lower water temperature they blow over keep your skin temperature a little lower. The sun can easily give you a bad burn without any warning signs.

So, always remember that repeated exposure of unprotected skin while you are tanning will increase the risk of skin aging, skin cancer and harmful effects to your skin even if your skin is not ‘burned.’ No tanning product can help you if you’re not practicing safe and effective sun sense.

About the author: Jeanne Ricks is a Holistic Health Coach & Clinical Hypnotist who provides personal diet, wellness & nutrition coaching combined with Hypnosis to help you achieve your personal best.

The Ultimate Stomach Soother

stomach soother

stomach soother

Put down the bottle of Tums! This smoothie is simple, savory, soothing, and can even aid in weight loss regimes. Oh, and it’s a fantastic treat for those pregnant mommas out there because it’s got plenty of folate, vitamin E, monounsaturated fats, and Cran-Max to support healthy urinary tract function. Peanut butter is a good source of protein and is full of niacin, which is important for digestion as well as maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health. Peanut allergy? Replace it with a different nut butter or change it up and add carrots for another source of niacin – this is a killer smoothie even without the PB. You will feel like you’re drinking something bad, but without the guilt and instead of a stomach ache, your stomach will thank you profusely. Drink up!


1 serving Green Vibrance®

8 oz. almond milk

2 tbsp. organic chunky peanut butter

Handful of baby spinach leaves

1 banana (or papaya if you can’t eat bananas)

1-2 emptied capsule(s) Cran-Max

Dash of fresh ginger

1/2 tsp. wildflower honey


Directions: In an electric blender, combine all ingredients until smooth, serve immediately.

Staying Vibrant in the Summer

What do We Need to Watch out for in Summer? Excess Pitta

What is Pitta? According to Ayurveda, Pitta is the transformative, metabolic energy in the body, often described as the fire element in the body. Pitta can flare up in the summer causing irritability, skin inflammation, acid indigestion and summer colds.

Number one tip to help your body and your furry friends stay cool in the summer;

Hydration…… Hydration….. Hydration.

Think bubbling brooks, lush greenery, and full deep breathing to bring the body into a peaceful and naturally calm state. Saturate your cells with oxygen, water and nature!

You are not just looking for something that is cooling but more importantly, something that is refreshing to your body on a cellular level. Iced latte is cold to the tongue but the caffeine is very stimulating and dehydrating, long term this causes burn out on many levels. Your best bets for truly refreshing and hydrating beverages are;

1) Fresh juiced vegetables

2) Fresh coconut water

3) Hibiscus tea or just purified water with fresh cucumber slices and mint leaves.

Fresh Juiced Vegetables are incredibly hydrating on a deep cellular level. With so many of us traveling and on the move in the summer time we don’t always have time to juice our own vegetables. The closest thing I have found to fresh vegetable juicing is Vibrant Health’s Field of Greens. With 14 different types of organic grass juices and freeze dried greens that are all domestically sourced you just can’t beat the quality, absorbability and superior nutrition of Field of Greens.

Ayurvedic tip for cooling your body in a healthy way: If you do want to cool your drink with ice then wait until the ice melts before enjoying it, since room-temperature beverages are best.

susan bassWhat is Pitta? In Ayurvedic Medicine, Pitta is the principle of transformation energy and governs heat and metabolism in the body, is concerned with the digestive, enzymatic, and endocrine systems, and is eliminated from the body through sweat and the bowels.

What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is the oldest continuously practiced health care system in the world. It originated in India and comes from The Vedics Texts.


About the Author: Susan Bass is a Digestion & Detox Specialist who works with people who want to support and heal their bodies naturally; drawing on the knowledge of the oldest continually practiced health care system in the world, Ayurveda


Rebecca’s Story – “…I tell them how Vibrant Health can help them LIVE again”

Rebecca, "Raw Foodist"
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I used Vibrant Health in my own personal journey in 2011. Since eating more plants, juicing, and using Vibrant Health products, I have lost 45 pounds (size 14 to size 2) and was able to get off 12 medications, at age 32. A plant strong diet and good supplements, like those offered by Vibrant Health, worked wonders for me. So it's easy to advocate this product when I share that information (and my before-and-after photos) with people. 

So many people are slowly dying. I tell them how Vibrant Health can help them LIVE again 🙂 I also tell them that since I started this journey, I haven't been sick with so much as a sniffle. I was a VERY sickly person my whole life. Every year, I got very sick 3-4 times, with bronchitis every winter that lasted for 6 weeks.  I no longer have migraines, IBS or allergies. I went from a tired and depressed medical mess to a healthy and happy young woman. This month (March 2013) marks 2 years, 1 month with good health and no illnesses. 


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Dreamy Peach Berry Smoothie




1 1/2 cups cold water

1 cup frozen peach slices

1 cup frozen mixed berries

1 scoop Vibrant Health PureGreen Protein, Vanilla

Directions: In an electric blender, combine all ingredients until smooth, serve immediately.

Vibrant Health Testimonial – “…a great anti-aging formula”

Below is a Vibrant Health Testimonial from naturopath Kheri Henry of the Santee Wellness Center. Thank you, Kheri, for your professional vote of confidence!

Since using the Joint Vibrance, my hair has been growing like a weed and my skin appears to be looking less aged!  In my opinion, this product does much more than just rebuilding is also a great anti-aging formula and that is how I present it, to my clients. “It is very rare for me to take the time to write a testimonial.  I am a traditional naturopath and I have been using Vibrant Health products for about 6 months now in my practice.  I also use the products. 

Since using the Joint Vibrance, my hair has been growing like a weed and my skin appears to be looking less aged!  In my opinion, this product does much more than just rebuilding joints….it is also a great anti-aging formula and that is how I present it, to my clients. 

I will keep you posted on my clients results. Thank you for this amazing product!”

Kheri Henry/Santee Wellness Center

The King of Smoothies

king banana

king banana


1 1/2 cups cold water

1 cup frozen banana, cut into 1-inch pieces

1 cup banana or vanilla yogurt

1 tbs. creamy nut butter of choice

1 scoop Vibrant Health PureGreen Protein, Vanilla

Directions: In an electric blender, combine all ingredients until smooth, serve immediately.