Pure Green Protein, Green Vibrance, & Rainbow Vibrance

I'm not usually one to give product reviews or anything like that but I feel like just have to rave about three of your products. Here is why:

Pure Green Protein

I've never had anything like the muscle gains and reduced recovery time that I have had taking Pure Green Protein, and I have tried most things in the last ten years. The green taste is a bit of a shock at first but I have come to love it (chocolate is my favorite flavor). Best of all, it is so digestible and vegan too!

Green Vibrance

This is a reliable source of vitamin D for me and is the thing I drink whenever I'm feeling a little under the weather. It peps me right up every time!

Rainbow Vibrance

Wow. The change in my skin after I started taking this is so dramatic, it's ridiculous. My skin tone has evened out and everything seems smoother and more 'glowy'. Better than any anti-aging cream I've tried.

Thank you,
Cape Town, South Africa

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