Rainbow Vibrance, Joint Vibrance, and more!

sent to us by Chyssa Botou, Greece 

How have our products helped you?:

My mum has been taking the Rainbow Vibrance and after the 2nd month she stopped complaining about her feet hurting when she is walking- and oh, she likes her walks!!! Now she has also started the Super Natural Boron and she absolutely loves it! 

What makes our brand or product stand out to you?

It is important for me to have all the information I need in order to make the right decision. Vibrant Health gives me all the information about the ingredients in their products. Further more they go the extra mile to explain to you without trying to hard sell their products. I know this from personal experience by corresponding with Chelsea Anderson from the Customer Service as well as Mark Timon their formulator! Their communication skills are exceptional and Mr Timon's willingness to share his knowledge is very much appreciated! 

How did you hear about us?: 

The first time I learned about Vibrant Health it was by a lady called Panoraia from my Biofos a shop in Athens Greece where they are selling food supplements and bio products. After that I have made my own extensive research on the internet comparing with other companies and products.

If you could tell someone unfamiliar with Vibrant Health one thing, what would it be?: 

Well, I have actually introduced a friend of mine to the Joint Vibrance! The only thing I said to her was that Vibrant Health products work and my Mum is a great testimonial for it.

Your unique story: 

My Mother is 74 years old and she has worked very hard in her life to support her family. She left her home village in the Northwest of Greece for the Germany factories in the early sixties with the huge wave of emigration after the 2nd World War. She has been through a lot and sacrificed even more. Yet, she is a lady full of joy and love for life! She loves to sing with my Father (he is a musician-plays the violin), she loves dancing and taking long walks in the lovely seashore town of Rafina, northeast of Athens, where they leave! So, I wanted to help her continue her life style for as long as possible and Vibrant Health is helping me to do just that! By the way I am taking the Maximum Vibrance myself and can not recommend it enough!

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