Rebecca’s Story – “…I tell them how Vibrant Health can help them LIVE again”

Rebecca, "Raw Foodist"
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I used Vibrant Health in my own personal journey in 2011. Since eating more plants, juicing, and using Vibrant Health products, I have lost 45 pounds (size 14 to size 2) and was able to get off 12 medications, at age 32. A plant strong diet and good supplements, like those offered by Vibrant Health, worked wonders for me. So it's easy to advocate this product when I share that information (and my before-and-after photos) with people. 

So many people are slowly dying. I tell them how Vibrant Health can help them LIVE again 🙂 I also tell them that since I started this journey, I haven't been sick with so much as a sniffle. I was a VERY sickly person my whole life. Every year, I got very sick 3-4 times, with bronchitis every winter that lasted for 6 weeks.  I no longer have migraines, IBS or allergies. I went from a tired and depressed medical mess to a healthy and happy young woman. This month (March 2013) marks 2 years, 1 month with good health and no illnesses. 


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