2 Minute Smoothie

2 Minute #GreenVibrance #Smoothie #VibrantRecipes

Everyone can spare 2 minutes for a delicious smoothie, right? Don't love Green Vibrance in just water but still need it to be quick? This is for you.

2 Minute #GreenVibrance #Smoothie #VibrantRecipesIngredients: 

1 scoop Green Vibrance

1 Package Buddy Fruits or equivalent

Handful of Frozen Pineapple

1 cup water

Directions: Blend and enjoy. Boom. So simple… and tasty as you can see!

About the author: Kate Shanley is the Social Media Coordinator & Pet Health Consultant for Vibrant Health. She holds a B.S. in Animal Science and is also a board certified Holistic Health Coach, has a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University, and she's a dog trainer. 

When I’m “On The Go”

By Rachel Louchen, Guest Contributor and Writer

When I had an eight-hour desk job, I used to dream about days when I could be out of the office, and going to different locations everyday, but it really isnt as glamorous as it sounds. Between irregular lunch breaks, overall running around, and work sometimes taking precedence over sleep, the appeal of travel wears pretty quickly and worse of all, so does my body.

Poor food choices happen frequently and meetings tend to offer lots of caffeine and sugary breakfast desserts, but partake in either of those and your downward spiral of exhaustion finally ends in a sugar crash. Maintaining a busy work schedule is impossible without proper nutrition (and, in my experience, a solid eight hours of sleep).


Vibrant Health offers great nutritional supplements that help me maintain my body, so it can handle what I put it through. On my busiest days, I add protein to a liquid beverage, because I can always make time for a vitamin drink. Pure Green Protein Mixed Berry and Chocolate are really delicious and make me feel full and energized.

Another problem with traveling, as much as I hate to admit it, eating in the car happens a lot. In between meetings, and driving from one location to the next, it’s often my only chance to sit down and put some food in my stomach. I always bring a Green Vibrance or two in my purse because it has all the organic nutrients I need, and the packets make it so easy for traveling. When faced with little time, the best route to go is an all-in-one, which is why my absolute favorite is Field of Greens. It packs in super foods that my body needs to maintain the work I am putting it through, and it saves so much time (and money) that I can get greens like kale, broccoli, and spinach in one sitting. After every time I have my raw food drink, I feel really healthy, and invigorated, like I did something good for myself. Vibrant Health offers really convenient packets that can be grabbed on your way out the door, slipped in a pocket, and used at your earliest, once again, convenience, perfect for anyone on the go.


Rachel Louchen is a writer based in Great Barrington, MA. She enjoys covering the Berkshires and taking advantage of all the area has to offer…except camping. Follow @fancyrachell