Joint Vibrance

Thierry loves Joint Vibrance

Joint Vibrance has really been helping me keep myself together this year as I have been doing much more power and explosive exercides involving knee joints, ligaments, and tendons. They have been taking a beating, but the nutrients Joint Vibrance provides especially the collagen within it has played a vital...Read More »

Movement is Medicine

Someone said this to me recently and it was such a simple and profound idea and I truly believe that they were right. Movement is Medicine.

Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling a bit down and out, often the last thing that you want to...Read More »

Joint Vibrance Testimonial

Just a quick THANK YOU on an excellent product
I have been using your Joint Vibrance product since January 2014.  I have always run  –  but have a very bad left knee with a mind of its own.  So over the years I’ve had to deal with intense pain and...Read More »

Joint Vibrance review

The Joint Formula! This formula has given me mobility and NO KNEE PAIN….I have osteoarthritis, in both knees,and recently tripped and injured my right knee. After taking this formula, the same evening, I could stand up from a sitting position with less discomfort! 21 DAYS LATER, I am back to my walking routine,...Read More »


…"I started taking this product more than a decade ago  for severe joint pain, especially in my hips. Now, I can’t not take this. This product changed my life. I constantly tell people ‘If you have joint pain, this is the stuff.’ I keep pictures of the Joint Vibrance label...Read More »

Rainbow Vibrance, Joint Vibrance, and more!

sent to us by Chyssa Botou, Greece 

How have our products helped you?:

My mum has been taking the Rainbow Vibrance and after the 2nd month she stopped complaining about her feet hurting when she is walking- and oh, she likes her walks!!! Now she has also started the Super Natural...Read More »

Vibrant Health Testimonial – “…a great anti-aging formula”

Below is a Vibrant Health Testimonial from naturopath Kheri Henry of the Santee Wellness Center. Thank you, Kheri, for your professional vote of confidence!

“It is very rare for me to take the time to write a testimonial.  I am a traditional naturopath and I have been...Read More »


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