The Lifestyle Change Waterfall Effect

I have a theory about why a slow but significant lifestyle change is not only lasting, but also grows into something much bigger and greater than we ever imaged. A lifestyle change is diferent from the changes that happen within us from just living our lives. Big, unplanned, life events will inevitably occur and drastically change us and how we live our daily lives. A car accident, a traumatic break up…these events leave us with no choice but to react and adapt. Contrastly, a lifestyle change is something we choose and want to make because we want a different life(style) and are willing to take the steps to change.

If you decided that you wanted to be more clearheaded, become physically stronger, spend more time doing the things you love…you could start making these dreams come true by changing just one thing at a time. Change usually begins as a small trickle or stream and then grows in strength and momentum to become a great big waterfall. Using the goal above as an example – start by writing down all the things that make you happy and then examine the list. So say I want to become stronger and do the things I love – If I love bike riding – I could start doing errands on my bike or cycling to work. That way, not only am I doing something I enjoy, but I’m also getting exercise which will make me stronger all while completing other tasks. After a while, I might start cycling more and notice a physical change and muscle growth. I would the,  to support my progress, start eating healthier and begin researching and carefully selecting my food and nutrition. So now, I'm exercising more, eating healthier and I start to notice physical changes and more energy and sharpness. All of this starts creating happiness and joy in me and I want more of it. Before I know it, I have a strong, healthy body, have added even more fun activities to my life, and have extreme clarity about what I want in life and how to achieve it through positive changes. See, it started small, just starting to cycle commute some days, and before long, a whole new person emerges filled with positivity and mental strength.

Change can start very small and may take a long time, but the more gradual and healthy the change is, the easier it will catch on and lead to more positivity and growth. Healthy lifestyles look different for everyone, but have common over-arching characteristics. These are joy, happiness, love, positivity, determination, inspiration, strength, vibrancy and many more. I hope that you are inspired to maybe make just one change and then ride the ride and see where you end up. As always, live with optimism and positivity and don’t forget to Stay Vibrant!

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