Common Mistakes on the Cleanse

  1. Starting the cleanse unprepared or not choosing the right time to cleanse: try to schedule the cleanse when it makes sense for you. If you know you will be attending a lot of dinner parties that week, maybe it’s not the best time.
  2. Not drinking the cleanse early enough in the morning :you will quickly feel a lack of energy and hunger if you don’t have the cleanse right when you wake up.
  3. Misconceptions about the lemonade diet: make sure the Vibrant Cleanse (master  cleanse) is for you and something you believe in before attempting.
  4. Understanding Cravings: there is a psychological and emotional reason for these cravings. If you can understand the source of these cravings, not giving will be easier.
  5. Cheating: this one is obvious. Make sure you have enough cleanse to drink, and if you really feel like you need something extra consider a Field of Greens.
  6. Not having a daily detox bowel movement, laxative tea (at night) and Salt Water Flush (optional, in the morning). This is important to keep your cleanse on track and remove toxins.
  7. Breaking too fast and/or not easing off the cleanse: so you just did the Vibrant Cleanse for 10 days and you’re feeling great. Time to reward yourself with a giant cheeseburger and fries, right? Wrong! Not only will this cause some pretty serious digestive upset, but also your metabolism has slowed over the course of the cleanse. Breaking it too fast and with heavy foods will in all likelihood cause you to gain the weight you lost back in a very short time. Moving back to solid foods will require a lot of water to avoid constipation. For instructions on breaking the cleanse click here.
  8. Not drinking enough cleanse during the day : you should drink at least 8-12 Vibrant Cleanse drinks during the day.
  9. Focusing on losing weight: if you focus on doing the cleanse correctly, your results will be much better.


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