Winter Warm-Up Smoothie

Here in the Northeast, it's been fairly chilly this week. Some might say downright frigid, but I don't like to complain too much. It can always be worse, right? Anyhow, when our southeastern neighbors got pounded with snow this week, we got very little. Yet our office, in the town of Canaan, CT (where we tend to lose power or internet if someone sneezes too hard), lost phone and internet for a good hour on Wednesday morning. Vito, who works in Customer Service, had been nudging me to make a smoothie for the office for days now, so we decided to seize the opportunity. Our recipe incorportated warming cinnamon, filling & balancing organic peanut butter, berries, and of course 2 scoops of Field of Greens. The recipe below was to satiate 10-15 Vibrant Health employees. So adjust accordingly unless you want to be drinking smoothie for days, which is totally understandable of you.

Smoothies are not just for summer! Try this warming & hearty #fieldofgreens recipe.


2 scoops Field of Greens

2 oranges

1 tbsp Organic Chai Tea Concentrate

2 tbsp organic honey

1 tbsp organic peanut butter

2 tbsp coconut oil

1/4 cup apple juice

2 1/2 stalks kale

1 tbsp cinnamon

2 tbsp Greek yogurt

1/4 cup blueberries

1/3 cup blackberries

1 1/2 bananas

Now, if you drink this and you still can't shake that chill, you can try this classically fashionable alternative: 

Vibrant Health employees know how to stay warm!

About the author: Kate Shanley is the Social Media Coordinator & Pet Health Consultant for Vibrant Health. She holds a B.S. in Animal Science and is also a board certified Holistic Health Coach, has a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University, and she's a dog trainer. 

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