FAST Colon Cleansing With These 8 Remedies!

How would you like to defecate while shedding 20 pounds? You may find it humorous, but the average American has that much toxic detritus in their colon.

It’s not just extra weight, however. This toxic sediment prevents the colon from performing its intended functions of absorbing nutrients and expelling waste. It also negatively affects intestinal bacteria, making weight loss difficult.

What then is the solution to this entire colon catastrophe? There are many, and I’m going to show you eight!

8 Natural Remedies For Colon Cleansing


#1 – Consume Plenty of Water

This right here is substantial. As many as 75 percent of all Americans suffer from dehydration, a leading cause of colon obstruction. Your colon requires a lot more water than you might think in order to keep waste moving.

Each day, you should consume at least 2 liters of water. Some health professionals recommend drinking more than three liters of water daily. This will make it much simpler to remove the toxic sediment.

#2 – Perform A Prune Juice Detox

The quantity of fiber in prune juice is monumental. This makes it excellent for removing colonic obstruction. How much prune juice you should consume depends on your level of congestion. In general, you should consume 8 ounces of water before breakfast and another 8 ounces of water after dinner.

Once you observe that your gastrointestinal movements are becoming more frequent, you can gradually reduce your prune juice consumption. This is done so that your colon does not become dependent on it. Consider it a fresh start.

#3 – Consume Lots Of Fiber

Prunes are one source of fiber among many others. Here are a few more suggestions:

Avocados Berries Coconut Figs Okra Brussels sprouts
For optimal waste passage, women between the ages of 19 and 50 should consume 25 grams of fiber daily. Men in this age group require 38 grams. After age 50, women require 21 grams of fiber while men require 30 grams.

#4 – Consume Lemon Juice Frequently

The antioxidant properties of lemon juice derive from its high vitamin C content. According to research, this is beneficial for the overall health of your colon. Additionally, lemons increase your metabolic rate, making your body more efficient at eliminating waste.

Each morning, consume warm water with citrus. Learn more about the benefits of this here.

#5 – Board The Probiotic Express

Probiotics contain beneficial bacteria. They regulate the harmful, toxic bacteria that causes blockage in the digestive tract and colon. Your body normally contains sufficient probiotics. However, certain medications, such as antibiotics, can eliminate them.

You can replenish your probiotic levels by consuming the following foods:

  • Yogurt Kefir
  • Sauerkraut
  • Dark chocolate Pickled cucumbers
  • Kombucha
  • Additionally, you can take probiotic supplements. Learn more here about those.

#6 – Add Flaxseed

Add Flaxseed to Everything Alright, almost everything. The flaxseed complements oatmeal, porridge, and even yogurt well.

The omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed are excellent at loosening the colon. Additionally, flaxseed contains more fiber than any other grain. These two characteristics make flaxseed an excellent eviction notice for the sediment that has been lodged in your colon for who knows how long.

There are 27 grams of fiber in 100 grams of flaxseed. Include this in your daily fiber intake; exceeding this amount will result in diarrhea.

Here you can learn more about flaxseed for colon detoxification.

#7 – Cleanse With Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains enzymes that promote the proliferation of probiotics. The acidic nature of apple cider vinegar can also help it combat years of calcified, poisonous colon blockage. Sincerely, years.This is how awful things can become.

Mix 8 ounces of tepid water with 2 tablespoons of organic honey and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Shake, stir and consume. Repeat daily until you observe that your bowel movements have become more regular.

Here you can read more about this recipe.

#8 – Use Ginger Tea

Ginger warms the body from the inside out. This improves digestion and bowel movements that are lethargic. For optimal results, prepare ginger tea; the added warmth of the water will go far.

Our recipe for ginger tea requires the following:

  • 2 tablespoons of grated fresh ginger
  • An eighth of a teaspoon of turmeric (to reduce the bloating constipation causes)
  • 5 glasses of pure water
  • Water, ginger, and turmeric should be brought to a simmer. Then, reduce the heat to a simmer for ten minutes. Remove the pot from the heat and season to taste with natural honey.

Before trying any of these home remedies, please consult your doctor if you are pregnant or taking any medications.

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