Boosting Your Immune System – Naturally

The media is full of reports about what damages the immune system, but the things that are beneficial are sometimes overlooked. Hmmmm, media overlooking ‘Good News’, ~ shocking!

You’re probably aware of natural immune system builders which may include a combination of vitamins, minerals, plant components and/or herbs. Yes, these can help, but let’s face it ~ your best health partners are good nutrition, reducing stress and regular exercise!

Boosting Your Immune System – Naturally


Your immune system is a complex collection of cells, organs and pathways. Specialized white blood cells actually discern nutrients which belong in your body as opposed to toxins to be eliminated. So increasing your immune system naturally is only possible if you include things which allow your white blood cells, lymph nodes and even your skin to function properly.

1. Go outside and into the sunlight. Get direct and/or indirect sunlight for at least twenty to thirty minutes daily. Your best times for this during the winter months will be before 9:00am and after 3:00pm (or after 6:00pm in the summer). By not wearing sunglasses during this time, you’ll allow the full-spectrum sunlight to enter your eyes. Natural sunlight is your most powerful immune system builder.

2. Breathe. That’s right, get adequate oxygen. Most of us are unaware at how shallowly we breathe. Simple breathing exercises like the ones in my book ‘The Biology of Beating Stress’ will help you to change this habit. Also, eat plenty of oxygen-rich green foods

3. Drink pure water. People ask me all the time about what to do to detox. Mother Nature provides the cheapest and best detoxifier in the world.

4. Eat organic green vegetables. A good dietary balance is comprised of 75 percent or more raw food by volume. Sprouts and green vegetables are the most nourishing choices. Also Spirulina (blue-green algae) along with chlorella, are high-concentrated foods that enhance immunity.

5. Reduce your use of immune suppressing ingredients. This includes salt, refined sugars and flours, dairy products, heated oils, and food preservatives, additives, stabilizers, and colorings.

6. Avoid microwaved and fried foods, which can suppress your immune system and lead to cancers and heart and circulatory disease.

7. Eliminate alcohol and drugs which undermine your immune system.

8. Exercise regularly. Get in stretching, aerobics and resistance exercises at least five times a week for twenty to thirty minutes a day.

9. Get adequate rest. Sleep helps you to recharge the immune system.

10. Smile. Simply maintaining a positive attitude is a key to supporting immunity. Studies have shown that laughter and humor can enhance the human immune system. Nature, color, music and laughter can all positively affect the immune system.

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