I will NEVER give up Coffee!

I feel very strongly about the above statement and truly believe that I will never stop drinking coffee. There are many things I would give up before giving up coffee. For example if I had to give up any of the following: bread, all dairy, and/or alcohol, I would in order to not give up coffee. But as much as I don’t want to face the facts or believe this, coffee does have a few negative side effects. Such as the caffeine content or the high acidity levels.

So due to these side effects of the delicious drink we all know and love, I have chosen to modify and counter-balance the effects of coffee so that I can still enjoy the delicious drink. These little tips are very easy to bring into your own diet and will help counterbalance the effect of drinking coffee if you are like me and will never say goodbye to this dear friend.

I will NEVER give up Coffee!


When considering caffeine, it is not all that bad to have maybe a cup of coffee a day but here in America usually we drink slightly more than this. Also many green/black teas that are enjoyed have high levels of caffeine as well which can cause jitters, airy thoughts, inability to focus, etc. Depending on what we drink throughout the day, we can end up having a very high caffeine intake. So a solution is when you make coffee at home, maybe start mixing your coffee to half caffeine, half decaf! Personally, I have never really drunk coffee for the caffeine; it is more of a ritual drink for me. I love the smell of coffee, the warmth that it gives to my hands and belly, and the wonderful earthy taste.

So I started mixing my coffee to half and half, and actually most of the time I only drink decaf coffee. If you find that you may be dependent on the caffeine, then it is definitely a sign to slightly lay off of it; just do it slowly. Over the course of a few weeks, make your coffee with less and less caffeinated grounds moving mostly towards decaf. Before you know it, you will be almost caffeine free! Also any coffee shop you go into, usually you can order the same (half and half), so there really is no excuse not to!

The other topic of conversation is the high acidity levels of coffee. Having an overly acidic diet, which many people actually do without knowing it, can weaken the bones, fatigue muscles, and make the body work harder and use its internal resources to bring you back to homeostatic pH Balance. So since coffee is acidic, every morning before my coffee I drink a warm mug of water with the juice of half of a lemon and a few slices of fresh ginger. Outside of the body, lemon juice is acidic, but when we digest lemon juice, it turns basic in the body! So this is a delicious and great counter-balance that I may drink to offset the acidity of coffee in the mornings!

Hopefully these suggestions have been useful and given you new hope that if you choose to keep coffee in your diet, you can still do so without compromising your health! Enjoy and drink up!

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