Thierry loves Joint Vibrance

Joint Vibrance has really been helping me keep myself together this year as I have been doing much more power and explosive exercides involving knee joints, ligaments, and tendons. #fitness #jointhealth #track #running #health #nutrition

Joint Vibrance has really been helping me keep myself together this year as I have been doing much more power and explosive exercides involving knee joints, ligaments, and tendons. They have been taking a beating, but the nutrients Joint Vibrance provides especially the collagen within it has played a vital role in the maintenance and regeneration of my joints, tendons, and muscle tissue. I have been running out of it too quickly to keep up with recovering from each training session. 

Thank you very much for your continued support!

– Thierry Jean-Bart
Vibrant Ambassador

Movement is Medicine

Movement is Medicine: Break out of your winter hibernation! #vibrantblog #vibrantlife #getfit

Someone said this to me recently and it was such a simple and profound idea and I truly believe that they were right. Movement is Medicine.IMG_8645

Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling a bit down and out, often the last thing that you want to do is get up and move your body. Typically when we are sad, we sit down, wrap ourselves in blankets and pillows and try to make ourselves feel better in this human cocoon. We can feel overwhelmed with the world and have problems just creeping into our mind where they don’t need to be and we feel we cannot move. Bleak isn’t it?

So now let us look at this from the other direction. If you can think of times when you have been super active, what do you feel? Happiness generally, calmness, almost an overall feeling that everything is going to be okay and life will work out. Now that is a pretty broad statement, but it is sometimes true. After really moving and exercising the body, I personally receive a great feeling of peace and joy.

Now we have a challenge. This is just something to think about and take a child’s approach of wonder and curiosity and create an experiment for yourself. How do you enjoy moving your own body? Do you cycle, run, stretch, hike, rock climb, walk, swim, surf, etc.? There are so many different activities in this world, but pick one that really resonates with you and makes you feel good on the inside and outside. So next time that you feel like you have a bit of the blues, just stop what you're doing if possible, or within that same day, get out and do that activity. Whatever it is, make time for it! Notice your mood, notice the tension and stress that has been relieved from your body. Notice the healing that has been given to you through movement.

Movement is Medicine. I am a very firm believer of this and I think that you will be too! And if you feel like your body is a bit tired, maybe recovering from an injury so you don’t feel as spritely as normal, look at what you are putting in your body. Put good things filled with nutrients and love to nourish you and help you grow stronger! For joint health if you feel like you need an extra boost, check out Joint Vibrance to keep everything moving smoothly and fluidly!

So remember, pick your activity; make it easy and achievable, then the next time you feel a bit down… DO YOUR MOVEMENT! Then just sit and watch! Notice the difference. Movement is Medicine, take your healing into your own hands!

By: Rachel Priest

About Rachel Priest: After growing up in Knoxville, TN, Rachel moved many times with her family and then continued to travel the world globally through the years. After struggling with an 8 year long battle with eating disorders, Rachel Finally found her freedom and self acceptance and love through the practice of yoga and rock climbing. Rachel promotes self-love and acceptance to all students, especially those who struggle with creating a positive self-image for themselves and their life. Rachel believes that through loving your body and the world, we can all create a positive and fulfilling life with the understanding that we are all already a perfect being.

Rachel currently lives in Los Angeles and teaches at various gyms and studios in the area, promoting the idea of self love and acceptance. Beyond Teaching, Rachel is a beach bum at heart and loves the waves and ocean and soaking up the sun.

Joint Vibrance Testimonial

Just a quick THANK YOU on an excellent product
I have been using your Joint Vibrance product since January 2014.  I have always run  –  but have a very bad left knee with a mind of its own.  So over the years I’ve had to deal with intense pain and suffering during and after my marathons.
Well, I am proud to say  I successfully completed the Two Oceans Ultra and the Comrades Marathon this year  (pain free)  I cannot remember having such an Awesum time out on the road  –  not a niggle anywhere  –  I can only put this to my taking your product over the last six months.
Thank You and I am definitely spreading the news on how magnificent JV is  –  people who know me well can see my massive improvements.


Joint Vibrance review

The Joint Formula! This formula has given me mobility and NO KNEE PAIN….I have osteoarthritis, in both knees,and recently tripped and injured my right knee. After taking this formula, the same evening, I could stand up from a sitting position with less discomfort! 21 DAYS LATER, I am back to my walking routine, and feel no pain at all in either of my knees! I am also taking the Maximized Curcuminoids along with the joint formula and I can feel a total difference in my knees. They feel stronger and NO PAIN at All! I thank my son who recommended this to me, and all those who work at Vibrant Health, they know their products and recommend them with confidence & a big Smile! Dont be on the fence about these products. I am living proof that they work and you will feel so much better! Noooo drugs, which is what I truly look for! Thank You Ted and Paige! Keep the Vibrance coming!
To be honest, I felt a difference immediately in my right knee. Within an hours time of ingesting my first formula, when I stood up, the pain was a little less and day by day, I saw improvement…I cannot say enough about this formula….~!

– Leela D. 

(testimonial submitted to us through Facebook – thank you Leela!)


…"I started taking this product more than a decade ago  for severe joint pain, especially in my hips. Now, I can’t not take this. This product changed my life. I constantly tell people ‘If you have joint pain, this is the stuff.’ I keep pictures of the Joint Vibrance label on my smart phone so I can share it with  people who have joint pain." – Cindy, age 49

Rainbow Vibrance, Joint Vibrance, and more!

rainbow vibrance

sent to us by Chyssa Botou, Greece 

How have our products helped you?:

My mum has been taking the Rainbow Vibrance and after the 2nd month she stopped complaining about her feet hurting when she is walking- and oh, she likes her walks!!! Now she has also started the Super Natural Boron and she absolutely loves it! 

What makes our brand or product stand out to you?

It is important for me to have all the information I need in order to make the right decision. Vibrant Health gives me all the information about the ingredients in their products. Further more they go the extra mile to explain to you without trying to hard sell their products. I know this from personal experience by corresponding with Chelsea Anderson from the Customer Service as well as Mark Timon their formulator! Their communication skills are exceptional and Mr Timon's willingness to share his knowledge is very much appreciated! 

How did you hear about us?: 

The first time I learned about Vibrant Health it was by a lady called Panoraia from my Biofos a shop in Athens Greece where they are selling food supplements and bio products. After that I have made my own extensive research on the internet comparing with other companies and products.

If you could tell someone unfamiliar with Vibrant Health one thing, what would it be?: 

Well, I have actually introduced a friend of mine to the Joint Vibrance! The only thing I said to her was that Vibrant Health products work and my Mum is a great testimonial for it.

Your unique story: 

My Mother is 74 years old and she has worked very hard in her life to support her family. She left her home village in the Northwest of Greece for the Germany factories in the early sixties with the huge wave of emigration after the 2nd World War. She has been through a lot and sacrificed even more. Yet, she is a lady full of joy and love for life! She loves to sing with my Father (he is a musician-plays the violin), she loves dancing and taking long walks in the lovely seashore town of Rafina, northeast of Athens, where they leave! So, I wanted to help her continue her life style for as long as possible and Vibrant Health is helping me to do just that! By the way I am taking the Maximum Vibrance myself and can not recommend it enough!

Vibrant Health Testimonial – “…a great anti-aging formula”

Below is a Vibrant Health Testimonial from naturopath Kheri Henry of the Santee Wellness Center. Thank you, Kheri, for your professional vote of confidence!

Since using the Joint Vibrance, my hair has been growing like a weed and my skin appears to be looking less aged!  In my opinion, this product does much more than just rebuilding is also a great anti-aging formula and that is how I present it, to my clients. “It is very rare for me to take the time to write a testimonial.  I am a traditional naturopath and I have been using Vibrant Health products for about 6 months now in my practice.  I also use the products. 

Since using the Joint Vibrance, my hair has been growing like a weed and my skin appears to be looking less aged!  In my opinion, this product does much more than just rebuilding joints….it is also a great anti-aging formula and that is how I present it, to my clients. 

I will keep you posted on my clients results. Thank you for this amazing product!”

Kheri Henry/Santee Wellness Center