Green Vibrance

From: Anonymous – Age 81 (as dictated to Chelsea in Customer Service)

How has/have our product or products helped you?:
Has had a digestion issue for the majority of his life. After taking Green Vibrance for one month, he has already noticed his digestion has greatly improved.
Has also suffered from Acid Reflux for quite some time, and after taking the Green Vibrance, he has noticed it no longer has been occurring and believes it is due to the Green Vibrance

What makes our brand or product stand out to you?:
The ease of taking the product. The convenience of the option of packets or a canister. Convenience of being able to mix it into just about any cool beverage, and still be able to receive the great benefits from the product. Doesn’t taste that bad either.

How did you hear about us?:
Super Supplements – Eugene OR. Saw the product on the shelf and was curious. Upon asking the staff, they were very knowledgeable and helped to answer any questions he had.

If you could tell someone unfamiliar with Vibrant Health one thing, what would it be?:
He would tell them about his story, and how Green Vibrance has helped him. He has started to spread the word to others and has gotten others “hooked” on the product.

Your unique story:
After trying a number a green supplements in his lifetime, he has never had one that he was that impressed with. When he first picked up Green Vibrance, he was skeptical as to how it would work, or if it would work at all. After only a month, he has noticed such a change in his digestions as well as helping to maintain his acid reflux. He has never been so happy with a product before, and would most definitely suggest this to anyone.

He is going to start trying our Pure Green Protein, and he is sure it will be just a great of a product as the Green Vibrance. Will be sure to give us a call back after he has a few weeks of taking it under his belt. 

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