Officer Bob’s Max Bread

Officer Bob is easily one of the most enthusiastic people, let alone customers, I have ever spoken with. At 73, he quite literally lives off Maximum Vibrance! I haven't tried this recipe just yet, but he assures me it is delicious and I look forward to putting my own little creative spin on it (maybe some cacao nibs). Of course, he understands enzymes and probiotics are largely, if not entirely, killed by heat. That being said, this is still some super healthy Futurefood bread. Kudos, Officer Bob. You're the best!

Maximum Vibrance Bread! #vibrantrecipes #nomnom #vibrantlife

Recipe: Mini loaf bread
                     4 ounces of egg whites and 1 whole egg. Together totaling 4 ounces.
                     2 scoops of Maximum Vibrance
                     Optional ingredients: baking powder or baking soda and your creativity.


About the author: Kate Shanley is the Social Media Coordinator & Pet Health Consultant for Vibrant Health. She holds a B.S. in Animal Science and is also a board certified Holistic Health Coach, has a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University, and she's a dog trainer. 

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