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Almond-Chocolate Joy Smoothie

Almond-Chocolate Joy Smoothie

Almond, chocolate, and banana blend perfectly in this delicious nutrient-dense smoothie!  

Skip the dessert and indulge in this heart-healthy alternative that's sure to bring you JOY!


1 large frozen banana

1/2 cup Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, plus more if necessary

1 scoop...Read More »

Greens & Glycemic Snack

Everyone has been buzzing over Glycemic Vibrance recently. Yes, it can be helpful in maintaining healthy glucose levels, especially for those who tend to be on the high side. But, it's also helpful in maintaining healthy metabolism rates, curbing sugar cravings, and may be helpful in...Read More »

The Ginger Vortex

If you live in the Northeast like we do, you're probably pretty sick of this seemingly endless winter. The mere mention of the polar vortex sends chills down my spine, and not in a good way. One day this week the heat in our office was actually broken for the...Read More »

The Best Post-Pilates Smoothie

Brooke Siler, author of The Women's Health Big Book of Pilates, shares her fave shake recipe

1 scoop or handful of ice

1/2 cup almond milk

1/2 medium banana

1 cup berries 

1/2 scoop organic vanilla protein powder (16 g) – try our  Pure Green Protein Vanilla!

1 scoop Rainbow...Read More »

Valentine's Chocolate Smoothie

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! We were feeling the love this morning in the Vibrant Health office and decided that obviously it was smoothie time and obviously there had to be chocolate in it. I can easily say this was the office favorite so far and it still only contains minimal...Read More »

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