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Green Vibrance Testimonial

My name is Diana. I would like to inform you of the results of me taking Green Vibrance.

I would firstly like to commend Heidi Mondon for her assistance. While visiting the Vitamin Shoppe she had a display at the entrance. Normally, I  do not even try these types...Read More »

Green Vibrance

Use started with the 3 small daily packs just over a year ago. Was immediately impressed with how quickly the product dissolved and also very palatable in water. So convenience and taste, or lack thereof, was tops. Graduated to the larger container about 2 months later, and have since taken...Read More »

"I felt I had energy..." Green Vibrance & Rainbow Vibrance

My friend Heidi told me she was going to start promoting Green Vibrance. I had absolutely no clue what that was so I asked her. She told me how it was helping her with her health issues, so I told her I had no energy and just felt run down....Read More »

"I don't eat enough greens..."

I am a terrible eater when it comes to eating vegetables and salads. I don't eat enough greens. I wanted to have something that provided me with all the nutrients I needed to stay healthy. I'm usually skeptical about these so called super foods. There are so many out there...Read More »

"I thought I was happy with my other vegan drinks, but Vibrant Health is better."

Dear Vibrant Health,

I am a United States Army Airborne Ranger. Before I decided to serve my country, I was a college athlete and then a college strength coach. I used to believe that big muscle supplements were the answer to performance. However, I always felt my diet was lacking. Fast forward three...Read More »

Green Vibrance Testimonial

Hi. I've been using your Green Vibrance for about seven years now, along with my usual diet plan, but a couple of days ago I decided to try the new Maximum Vibrance. I just want to publicly say thank you for once again bringing us the best supplements on the planet:...Read More »

What's in Ashanti's Makeup Bag?

"My new thing that I’ve been on tastes gross but if you put it in juice it tastes good. It’s called Green Vibrance and it’s a bunch of wheat grass, frozen broccoli, kale, everything grinded up. You put it in a shake or juice and it gives you...Read More »

Christy Turlington Swears by one scoop of Green Vibrance

A health kick needn’t be a hassle – if you take your tips from a supermodel. At 42, and still amazingly youthful, Christy Turlington swears by one scoop of Green Vibrance powder in her daily smoothie. This blend of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants boosts immunity, aids digestion and combats the...Read More »

Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester loves Green Vibrance

“No one cooks in New York, but a nutritionist helps me eat healthily at home,” she said. “It’s not for appearance – I just want to live a long time. I used to drink tons of caffeine – now I make smoothies with frozen berries and Green Vibrance health powder.”...Read More »

Green Vibrance is like a "happy pill"

A big thanks for the following testimonial, captured from our Facebook wall, and provided by Carolyn B:

"I am on my first full week of Green Vibrance and I have so much more energy! I drink it in a green smoothie...Read More »

Green Vibrance

From: Anonymous – Age 81 (as dictated to Chelsea in Customer Service)

How has/have our product or products helped you?:
Has had a digestion issue for the majority of his life. After taking Green Vibrance for one month, he has already noticed his digestion...Read More »

DJ Richy Ahmed



These images shared with us via our Instagram pal @nicypidge. She's a lifestyle coach and founder of Optimal You. Big thanks to Niyc and to DJ Richy Ahmed for this great testimonial!

...Read More »

"I highly recommend taking Green Vibrance"

"When I started taking Green Vibrance my blood work would always show four or five things that were either high or low – I needed to do blood work every six months because I was on lipitor.   It wasn't long before I noticed that those items did not show...Read More »

"everybody NEEDS to try it..."

…"this is somewhat of a PSA. if you have ever struggled with any health issues try Green Vibrance! Or any of the VIBRANT HEALTH products (joint supplements and protein supplements). I was lactose intolerant before I started taking it and now I can have as much dairy as I want...Read More »

Pure Green Protein, Green Vibrance, & Rainbow Vibrance

I'm not usually one to give product reviews or anything like that but I feel like just have to rave about three of your products. Here is why:

Pure Green Protein

I've never had anything like the muscle gains and reduced recovery time that I have had taking Pure Green Protein, and...Read More »

Inner Health is the basis of EVERYTHING

I'm proud of my new skin. I can 100% vouch that this is real I have make up on on the first one you can see on my eyes but second is out of the shower I couldn't believe how it looked, it's like I had...Read More »

A Chiropractor's Tale of Green Vibrance


by Robin Segedin, Doctorate of Chiropractic Student

Discovering Green Vibrance marked the culmination of my decade-long journey for the search of optimum natural health. About ten years ago, while burdened with health issues of my own, I quickly recognized that it is only when the body is in perfect...Read More »

This is what happens when you give a pregnant mommy Green Vibrance everyday

I can absolutely say that Green Vibrance has been an integral part of keeping my wife healthy over the course of her pregnancy and getting her the nutrition she needs everyday. Mommy and baby stayed healthy and strong! She continues to get GV everyday while she is starting to nurse...Read More »

A letter to Mark Timon

Dear Mr. Timon:

Many, Many years ago as a completive body builder and now late 40 something, staying active and healthy was and remains very important to me and now my wife and children also. Unfortunately, it has always seemed that when a proven product came onto the scene, it didn’t...Read More »

"You Are What You Eat"

If I eat well, I perform well….no questions asked. I am an entertainer with the Walt Disney Company and with the physical/mental demand of my role, the quality of my performance is the outcome of how well I take care of my body. I truly believe that “You are what you eat”, which is why I make sure that eating clean and nutrient dense foods is at the forefront of my nutritional lifestyle.

From Entertainer and Performer at Walt Disney, Doug Hall. Thank you, Doug for your professional vote of confidence!

If I eat well, I perform well….no questions asked. I am an entertainer with the Walt Disney Company and with the physical/mental demand of my role, the quality of my performance is the...Read More »

Green Vibrance Testimonial: How This Superfood Helps One Couple Stay Healthy

How This Superfood Helps One Couple Stay Healthy

Vibrant Health’s Green Vibrance superfood has been my most valuable “secret” for healthy aging for more than 8 years. I rarely dare forego a morning scoop of super green powder! It gives me...Read More »


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