Join Me, Paige Parker, VP of Vibrant Health on my 14 day Cleanse


I'm here in Martha’s Vineyard with my family and reflecting on the opportunities to start 2014 anew. I've decided the best way to accomplish a new start is with a clean slate and to that end I've decided to go on a 14 day cleanse. When I've cleansed in the past, I recalled feeling lighter in body and mind. I was able to think clearly and thoughtfully, making good decisions about my life and my work.

Please follow my day-to-day trails and tribulations on our blog. You can also join me in this process and add your comments as you journey down this path.

Day 14

So as I menetioned in earlier posts, since I began my cleanse on a Sunday at 9PM I actually ended my cleanse yesterday at 9PM. Today I begin easing off the cleanse. My kids had off from school today so I made them some Goulash. If you're not familiar, it's...Read More »

Day 13

Tonight at 9PM marks the end of my cleanse. Tomorrow I will wake up and begin drinking fresh juices and vegetable broth. I can smell them already. I had a very good weekend with my family. Just relaxing and being together. The weather wasn't great, but sometimes that brings us...Read More »

Day 12

What can I say? It's been hard to figure out what I want to write because honestly, once I got past the hump in the beginning the cleanse wasn't that hard. Yes, I was a bit crankier than usual but I was (am) insanely busy at work. I make food...Read More »

Day 11

Sorry for the delay in posting my updates. I can't explain to you what it takes to sit down and type out this stuff amid my day. Phew! It's a countdown to the finish ladies and gentlemen and I will proudly walk across that finish line. Life has still been hectic...Read More »

Day 10

Day 10. Last day of calls. I'm a glutton for punishment. Went out to meet some friends for a drink after work. No wine for me; just a glass of water with lemon. Kind of felt like I was a recovering alcoholic. So this is how it feels when everyone is...Read More »

Day 9

UGH! I have been on sales calls for days. No, literally, DAYS! I come home and I am so…done. Ted was begging me last night, "Please, please just eat something you're miserable." Poor guy, I'm really working out his patience. I know the stresses and long days of work are...Read More »

Day 8

I've been asked how this cleanse differs from the last time. Well the last time I cleansed for this length of time, I recall being hyper and anxious. I attributed my feelings of anxiety to lack of protein to the brain. If you recalI, I was dealing with a thyroid condition that was quite...Read More »

Day 7

Today at 9 pm marked the halfway point of my 14 day cleanse. I've lost a few fellow cleansers and gained a few new ones since I began. I feel quite elated that I have inspired so many people to cleanse. In fact, my friend Richard, who had never cleansed before, joined me and...Read More »

Day 6

Hey Everyone! It's day 6  and we have only 8 days to go! You probably weren't sure we'd make it this far. But we have & I Hope you all are doing well and keeping focused on the reality that you can do anything you set your mind to do. I...Read More »

Day 5

The very first time I did this Vibrant Cleanse, I remember being on it with my husband and my friend Doris. 
We were excited to cleanse together and  we found that such a huge challenge would be better (less difficult) if you had company. 
If I recall correctly, my husband lasted 7 days...Read More »

Day 4

Today was a great day!! I gave myself a break from the morning workout because the first three days of the Master Cleanse tend to tear you down before you start rebuilding again. 

Yesterday I left the house without drinking the cleanse and was void of anything from 6am-10am.  When...Read More »

Day 3 - Hump day

I've just realized the power of the cleanse. I was feeling overly confident this morning, I even tweeted about how zen and great I felt. But then, it was a hectic morning; I made my Vibrant Cleanse and Field of Greens and, big sigh, left my house without them. So,...Read More »

Day 2

Day 2 of the Vibrant Cleanse always seems to be exceptionally draining: physically & emotionally. I think what's happening is your body is starting to purge, and that puts some emotional strain on your body & mind. I always find that on the second day I feel a little…sad, maybe even a...Read More »

Day 1

So far on my first full day of cleansing I am feeling great.  I had a difficult night – full of a lot of anxiety, which happens often before I have something serious to do. Despite a rough night's sleep, I woke up feeling more motivated than ever and realized I had just...Read More »


Are you ready to cleanse? My14-day cleanse begins tonight! 

It's great to prep your body with naturally cleansing, light fruits and vegetables before beginning the Vibrant Cleanse. For those thinking of joining, the Vibrant Cleanse is a powdered 100% certified organic form of The Master Cleanse. This adds a huge convenience factor...Read More »

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